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  • The Little Veggie Patch Co Guide to Backyard Farming, BOOK 2

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    Spend a year with The Little Veggie Patch Co, growing vegetables in pots and homemade window boxes, or maybe even building your own vertical garden if space is tight!

    Each chapter in this practical guide covers a month of the year and includes advice on what is happening in the garden at that time, and which veggies, fruit and herbs you should be planting and harvesting. There are also delicious seasonal recipes using produce – try the Haloumi, Asparagus and Roasted Tomato Salad or the Beetroot and Chocolate Cake.

    The Little Veggie Patch Co’s Guide to Backyard Farming is packed with fun and easy-to-follow activities such as keeping chickens, growing plants from cuttings, making cider and tomato sugo, and starting a backyard beehive. Learn how to use your home-grown produce to make delicious preserves and jams, or create garden-inspired gifts such as wooden herb markers or stencilled pots. On top of this, there are lots of activities that are perfect for kids, including sowing seeds, planting seedlings and making lemon cordial.

    So, it's time to get into your garden (or out onto your balcony or nature strip!) and get your hands dirty. Regardless of what kind of outdoor space you have, Fabian and Mat will help you to grow fresh fruit and veggies, put great food on the table and  discover your own inner backyard farmer.

    Why you need this book:
    Backyard Farming is an extension of book 1, How to Grow Food in Small spaces and has more of the things you probably loved about the first book, such as recipes, activities and a month-by-month guide of what to do when.

    FINALLY! Mat and Fabian have made gardening 'cool' in an approachable, down-to-earth (pardon the pun) way. There's no pretention, just pride in their heritage and passion for educating a new generation of green thumbs.

    A coffee table book this is not - there's not an austere hard-cover in sight. This book is designed to be picked up and loved - over and over again. If it doesn't end up with dog-eared corners and have finger prints (from soil or cooking) throughout, you're doing something wrong.

    Watch a short video about The Little Veggie Patch Co here...

    Soft-cover, 242 pages.

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