In the same way a well-chosen accessory completes an outfit, high-quality homewares also complete the look of an interior setting. Mr Gift offers a great range of unique and stylish accessories for your home that will add personality to your personal space.
We have a beautiful selection of clocks, artwork, practical gadgets to help with cooking, cleaning and other household tasks, as well as stunning decanters and ice buckets. You can also shop with confidence when buying brands such as Ashortwalk, Atmosphere, BottleHood, Brushtech, Burgon and Ball, Cantina, Karlsson, KeepCup, Kobo Candles, Joseph Joseph, MAN LAW and more...
So if you're looking for a gorgeous homewares gift for a man, a wedding gift, engagement present, birthday or anniversary gift, or just a present for yourself, we reckon this collection of gifts for the home will tick the box, whilst meeting your budget. 
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  • Brushtech Wine Decanter Cleaning Brush

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    A decanted wine is a simple pleasure, but many people hesitate when it comes to decanting. Decanting isn't a difficult process, but many people (myself included) dread the task of cleaning the decanter at the end of the night.

    Fortunately, Brushtech have thought of a solution, with their handy Wine Decanter Cleaning Brush.

    How does it work?
    The unique long brush is designed to fit down the narrow neck of most decanters and remove wine stains and residue.

    Other key features of this brush include:

    • Soft foam bristles that are gentle on your most delicate glass and crystal decanters
    • The foam is also water resistant, so it won't absorb water and ensures the brush dries quickly. This also means that the brush doesn't become a breeding ground for bacteria.
    • A flexible body that is designed to bend and curve to get into those "hard to reach" spots
    • Durable and dishwasher safe

    Dimensions: Approx. 42.5cm long x 3cm wide (at widest point). Foam is also designed to compact in narrow decanters and carafes.

    Tip: Use the Wine Decanter Cleaning brush on your favourite vases, carafes and water bottles for a thorough clean. Please check the width of the opening of your decanter to ensure this brush is suitable.

    SPECIAL OFFER: 2 for $50 (save $9.90)

    Made in the U.S.A

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  • Brushtech Small V-Shaped BBQ Grill Brush

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    If your BBQ needs a spring clean before summer, check out this handy wire BBQ brush from Brushtech. This durable brush is suitable for heavy-duty cleaning that will get any BBQ grill sparkling.

    The V-shape design is perfect for get into between grill grooves.

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