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  • Kobo Seeds Candle, Siam Poppy (with Poppy seeds) NOW $30 (was $44.95)

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    The Siam Poppy candle is an aromatic blend of exotic scents, including poppies, black and red currants, as well as a sweet citrus note. It;s tropical and refreshing, but also has deeper, exotic undertones.

    Whilst it's a challenge trying to describe anything scented online, we're confident that you'll fall in love with Kobo's scented soy candle Seeds Collection. There are five equally delicious options in the Seeds range: Catalan Calendula, Siam Poppy, Somerset Thyme, Sweet Sunflower and Wild Tomato Vine. There is something comforting and nostalgic about the scent of each of these candles.

    In addition to the irresistable fragrance, another delightful feature of these candles is the packaging. The box each candle is packaged in is infused with seeds that will grow the plant the candle fragrance represents. Not only are these candles environmentaly friendly, so is the biodegradable, reusable packaging they come in.

    Even when the candle has been used, the plants that will grow from the seeds infused in the box will hopefully live on and provide a happy reminder of this unique and thoughtful gift.

    Candle burn time is approx 60 hours.

    Hand-made in New York State.

    How to grow your seeds:

    1. Remove candle from packaging

    2. Thoroughly soak the packaging in water before planting

    3. Plant soaked packaging in well-drained soil with compost. Packaging can be torn up into smaller pieces to ensure even distribution of seeds.

    4. Ensure soil is kept moist until seeds have germinated

    5. Once plants have started to grow soil can be allowed to dry out a little between waterings.

    Hints on growing poppies:

    Plant seeds directly into the ground.

    Thin out seedlings to approx. 12” (30cm) apart in Spring (about one month before last frost).

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