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23 September 2015

Gift wrapping idea of the week: Fun bunting

There's something cheerful and festive about bunting that can put a smile on anyone's face. This miniature bunting used as part of this gift wrap is no exception when it comes to fun gift wrapping...

Bunting from acottagelife Etsy shop

Why we love it:

1. It's bright, fun and festive
2. It would suit any recipient - male, female, young or older.
3. It's a great way of using up fabric scraps if you make it yourself. Simply cut your fabric into little triangles and use a sew together with a sewing machine. Or you could purchase it from Etsy shop, acottagelife
4. You can play around with the theme and colours. You could just use one type of fabric, plain or printed fabric, alternate fabric colours and prints, or use a contrasting coloured or metallic thread.
5. The bright colours of this bunting look great set against the natural kraft paper used here.
6. The handwritten message and haphazard way the bunting is wrapped around the gift all add to the handmade charm!

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