Alife Design believes that “design is very similar to dating”. Their theory stems from “carefully watching people’s lives” and endeavouring “to make our lives more enriched and enjoyable by contemplating hidden needs from various movements and implementing something sophisticated to satisfy the needs”.

It’s this attention to detail that makes us love Alife Design so much. Their quirky products stylishly meet our lifestyle requirements, whilst offering quality and value for money.
The Card Holder $14.95 (or 2 for $25), Biz CardHolder $34.95 each (or 2 for $60) and Travel Pouch $24.95 (or 2 for $40) are constructed from glossy black and red PVC, and like a shiny red apple, are just too good to resist.
The Charger Pouch $39.95 each (or 2 for $60) is a new addition to the range and a travel essential. Protect your cords and chargers for your phone, laptop, iPod, etc. whilst keeping them all in one handy location.
The unique, functional design of Alife Design’s products makes them ideal gift options for the traveller or guy-on-the-go in your life.
BUY NOW and receive FREE DELIVERY on any Alife Design product purchased before 5pm Fri 13 April 2012. Simply enter code ALIFE when you place your order.

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