Top Wedding Anniversary gift ideas

There seems to be a lot of confusion surrounding the right gift to buy for wedding anniversaries. Part of this confusion may be related to conflicting gift ideas from the UK and the US. We’ve tried to make things easy for you with our definitive list of anniversary gifts, along with some great gift suggestions:

1st anniversary: Paper (US) or Cotton (UK)

These paper Mapkins (napkins) are bound to get a smile at your next social gathering. Available maps include London, Paris and New York. $8.95 for a pack of 20.

2nd anniversary – Cotton (US) or Paper (UK)

These gorgeous little paper gift tags $1.50ea are a fun and (environmentally friendly) way to label your gifts. Made from recycled paper, they are embedded with Oregano or Thyme seeds. They’re the gift that keeps giving!  

3rd anniversary – Leather (US and UK)

Select a gift crafted in leather from our extensive range of leather products, including wallets, bags, laptop cases, iPad cases and pencil cases from brands including Helen Kaminski, Alan Myerson, Labrador and Boheme.

4th anniversary – Linen and silk (US) or fruit and flowers (UK)

Helen Kaminski’s Phoenix linen/cotton fedora hat $149.95 is a versatile accessory that will suit most men.  

5th anniversary – Wood (US and UK)

e+m have a great range of contemporary pens, pencils and letter openers that have been carefully crafted in a variety of woods such as olive and black oak. Prices start from $59.95.

Alternatively, enjoy some log-tossing fun with cool Finnish game, Klop for $64.95.

Gardeners will love the little wooden seed tool $19.95 that is designed to sow seeds quickly and evenly.

6th anniversary – Iron (US) or sugar (UK)

7th anniversary – Copper (US) or wool (US and UK)

8th anniversary – Bronze (US) or salt (UK)

9th anniversary – Pottery (US) or copper (UK)

The Thumb Waterer $24.95  is a terracotta vessel designed to gently water plants. The simple design is easy to use – simply submerge the waterer in a bucket of water to fill and place your thumb over the hole in the top. When you are ready to use, remove your thumb from the hole to gently release the water over your plants.

10th anniversary – Tin or aluminium (US and UK)

11th anniversary – Steel (US and UK)

BBQ anywhere, anytime with the Portable BBQ in galvanised steel, $49.95 – awesome for picnics, camping and the beach.

12th anniversary – Silk (US) or fine linen (UK)

13th anniversary – Lace (US and UK)

14th anniversary – Ivory

These days, genuine ivory is a controversial material due to its uncertain provenance, but if we’re talking about colour, Alan Myerson’s Trilby and Panama Fedora hats in ivory at $115 each are great gift options.

15th anniversary – Crystal (US and UK)

Ok, ok, so technically these items don’t contain crystal, but they’re still really cool glassware pieces that make awesome gifts. Check out our Grey Goose glasses $29.95 for a pair
Fred Thirsty Hopped Up Beer Glass $14.95
Fred Half Pint Glass Jug $19.95

20th anniversary – China (US and UK)

This is where the anniversaries start getting good – see, it’s worth sticking at it in the long run! Silver, gold, platinum, diamond, emerald and ruby are where it’s at. Whilst we don’t have a huge variety of gifts made from diamonds (yet), we have added a few options that meet the criteria for colour, so hopefully this might give you some other (cheaper) ideas:

25th anniversary – Silver (US and UK)

Micro Gem Headphones $39.95
Card Speaker in silver $89.95
Cigar Gift Set $29.95

30th anniversary – Pearl (US and UK)

35th anniversary – Jade (US) or coral (US and UK)

40th anniversary – Ruby (US and UK)

Bloccon Red Jug $19.95
Alife Design Biz Card Holder $34.95
Alan Myerson Red Slouch Wallet $155
Arwey Lau Notebook $34.95

45th anniversary – Sapphire (US and UK)

Fred Ice Attacks Ice Tray $12.95

Air Chair in navy $349.95

50th anniversary – Golden (US and UK)

Fred Have an Ice Day Ice Tray $9.95

55th anniversary – Emerald (US and UK)

LED Watch in emerald green $99

60th anniversary – Diamond (US and UK)

70th anniversary – Platinum (US and UK)

75th anniversary – Diamond and gold (US and UK)

80th anniversary – Oak

So now you have no more excuses for forgetting which anniversaries are which, and hopefully we’ve given you a bit of inspiration along the way. As we add more gift ideas to the site we will continue to update this blog post with more ideas, so check back from time to time for more anniversary gift ideas.

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