Peter Maloney is a down-to-earth Aussie bloke and founder of Australian made no-nonsense men’s grooming brand, Beauty Mate. Beauty Mate’s high quality range of skin and hair-care products were designed with busy men in mind. Products are simple and effective to use, so men can complete their “sh*t, shower, shave” routine quickly and effectively. We’re excited to add Beauty Mate’s popular gift pack trio to the Mr Gift range, and are sure you’ll find the perfect grooming solutions for the men in your life:

1. Nude Nut Gift Pack $34.95
The Nude Nut pack is perfect for guys who aren’t fussed about the stuff on top of their head and would prefer to focus their attention on their face with awesome shaving, cleansing and moisturising products. The Nude Nut pack contains:
1 x Moisturiser 100ml
1 x Shave Gel 125ml
1 x Face Wash 150ml

 2. Good On You Gift Pack $39.95
The Good On You Gift Pack is the best of both – hair AND skincare. This pack lives up to its name with three sensational products that will definitely feel ‘good on you’.
1 x Shampoo 200ml
1 x Moisturiser 100ml
1 x Form 100g or Shape 100g


3. Big Boy Gift Pack $59.95
Can’t decide which products he’ll like? The Big Boy Gift Pack has the works – so you don’t need to choose. This is the complete package, offering a selection of hair and skin care products including:
1 x Shampoo 200ml
1 x Conditioner 200ml
1 x Moisturiser 100ml
1 x Shave Gel 100ml
1 x Face Wash 100ml
1 x Form 100g or Shape 100g


In true Aussie spirit, Beauty Mate don’t take themselves too seriously, as demonstrated in the funny video of the grooming routines of men versus women – check it out.

BUY NOW and receive FREE DELIVERY on any Beauty Mate Gift Pack purchased before 5pm Mon 29 October 2012. Simply enter coupon code MATE when you place your order.

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