Years of travel are inspiration behind Junko Kobori’s candle collection, KOBO. Originally from Japan, Junko was strongly influenced by the scents she encountered on her travels with her husband. When the couple eventually settled in Saratoga Springs, NY, Junko set about recreating some of the fragrances that had stayed with her from her journeys. From its inception in 2006, the KOBO brand has grown to encompass several core collections that are constantly growing and evolving.

What makes a good scented candle? Fragrance and longevity are obviously important, but what about packaging? The quality of the packaging a candle comes in is probably not something most people would consider when purchasing a candle. However, the packaging is one of the unique points of difference for Kobo’s candles: “the fresh look of the KOBO packaging is a gift so beautiful it need not be wrapped”.

KOBO candles are made from domestically grown sustainable soybeans. The advantage of 
soy is that it holds fragrance well and is one of the cleanest burning mediums. KOBO’s soy candles also have a cotton wick, which provides “a pure and clean flame”.  KOBO are proud to produce candles that “are not only created using environmentally friendly materials but they do not pollute the home either.”

The quality, balance and strength of the fragrance are also important factors. KOBO use boutique fragrance houses in the US to guarantee only high quality aromas are blended. “Each candle is made to specific standards that maximize the fragrance yield to the individual scent to create a room-filling yet not overpowering aroma”.

We are excited to introduce KOBO’s Seeds range of candles to Mr Gift. This beautiful collection of candles features environmentally friendly packaging that is infused with seeds so that it can be planted after use. Fragrances in the Seeds range include:

The KOBO Seeds Candles boxes are infused with seeds that can be planted and grow the same plant as the candle

The Thyme, Tomato and Calendula candles in particular have a deep herbaceous aroma that men will love. Sweet Sunflower is a light, refreshing fragrance, whilst Siam Poppy is dark and exotic. None of these candles are over-powering or sickly sweet – they are comforting home fragrances that everyone will love.

Why not indulge mum with one of KOBO’s delicious candles this Mother’s Day?

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