The Gift of Giving: Harriet Kempton

Harriet Kempton puts me to shame. I’m ashamed to admit I don’t currently volunteer for any organisations – although I’d like to change this. I’m in complete awe of people who do volunteer, hence the reason for this blog series. Most people are doing well if they volunteer for one organisation. Harriet is involved with three charity organisations! Check out Harriet’s story below…

1. Which organisation do you volunteer for and why?

Melbourne CityMission – because it gives me the opportunity to help people with disabilities enjoy a social outing and their carers a break
Down Syndrome Victoria – my brother has Down Syndrome so this gives me the opportunity to help an organisation that has helped my family over time. Down Syndrome is something I am very passionate about and therefore I enjoy giving back to this organisation.
Red Cross blood donation – because it doesn’t take long to do and if it means helping someone who urgently needs blood then it must be a good thing.

 2. How long have you volunteered for? What attracted you to volunteering and what has kept you coming back?

I started volunteering in 2008 and have done it for various organisations on and off ever since.


Harriet Kempton, volunteer for Melbourne CityMission, Down Syndrome Victoria and Red Cross Blood Donor

3. Describe your volunteer role and what you do each time you help out – do you do the same thing each time you volunteer, or something different each time?

Melbourne CityMission – I take people with disabilities out to the movies and for coffee each month.

Down Syndrome Victoria – I usually help out in the office and do administration tasks. I also assist with events when they are on.

4. What advice would you offer to other people considering volunteering?

I have written a post on this for Inside Trak – check it out here

Check our Harriet’s blog, Queen Kempton

About Harriet Kempton: Harriet has recently set up her own new blog and business, “Queen Kempton“. Owner & Creative Director, Harriet Kempton is a 24 year-old with a passion for making life fun and fabulous. This is combined with a strong work ethic, motivation and the determination to deliver quality information in an accessible manner.

A specialist in work-life balance and Generation Y, Queen Kempton’s focus is on helping employees achieve their ideal work-life balance and helping school and university leavers with decisions post study.

Harriet writes weekly tips on her blog about work-life balance and the transition stage and will come to your school/university/organisation to deliver a specified presentation that is relevant to the audience.

Check out Harriet’s blog, to learn more…


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