Our 10 Favourite Father’s Day Gift Wrapping Ideas

Beautiful gift wrapping doesn’t need to be expensive – or boring. You can personalize a simple gift with some creative wrapping techniques. Here are a few of our favourites – just in time for Father’s Day…

1. Father’s Day gift-wrap apron:

This is a clever, cost effective way of combining two gifts into one and also adding a cool card:

We love using craft paper as wrapping paper (it’s cheap and environmentally friendly!), especially when it’s jazzed up with a bright ribbon or jute twine

This idea is from the Sew Many Ways blog
2. Gorgeous Father’s Day boxes:

3. Chic black and white:

The contrast of black and white gift wrapping against natural craft paper is a really striking look.

4. Newspaper, but not as you know it:

Whilst newspaper is a cheap and effective form of wrapping paper, you can make it look less ‘tight-arse’ with the addition of a beautiful trim such as this black and white ribbon. Image from May Arts.

Red is also a gorgeous contrast colour against black and white.

5. Stamps are back!
The good old craft paper has come in handy again when stamped with some old-school rubber stamps. You could also apply this idea to wrapping paper for other occasions (birthday, anniversary – whatever) and stamp the recipient’s name on the paper:

6. Pegs aren’t just for clothes…
They’re also a nifty way of attaching a gift card to a present…

7. Tied up:

If you purchase a beautiful tie for dad, why not make it the hero of your gift wrapping too?
8. Personalize with family pics:
A touching way of personalizing gift wrapping for your recipient

9. A clever gift-wrap idea up your sleeve:

What a fun way to present a bottle of wine:)
Image from Etsy seller, WaveSong
10. Beer, made better:

Personalise Dad’s favourite beer or soft drink with this sweet gift-wrap idea. Image from www.themodestmomblog.com

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