Favourite Five…Gizmos and Gadgets

Gadget: A mechanical contrivance or device; an ingenious article(source: The Macquarie Australian Dictionary)

Five reasons why gadgets make great gifts:

1. The right gadget for the right job (and the right person) can solve a problem and enhance our lifestyle

2. Gadgets can make boring or difficult jobs fun

3. For many men, half the fun of a gadget is setting it up, learning how it works and what it can do

4. There are so many gadgets around that you’re bound to find one to suit everyone – from a gardener to a techie, a cooking or wine enthusiast or a sportsman/woman.

5. You can never have too many gadgets! 

FREE DELIVERY on all Gadgets purchased from Friday 28/2/2014 until midnight Friday 7/3/2014. 

Use Coupon Code GADGET in the Coupon Code field when you place your order.  

1. Camera Duo Lens (Quick-Clip Camera Lens) $39.95
A Smart Phone camera lens designed to capture macro and wide-angle shots
2. Hubpad USB Calculator and Mousepad $29.95
This handy Hubpad is a calculator and mousepad in one.
3. LED USB Fan Clock $34.95
Stay cool and keep a track of the time when working at your computer.
4. My Music Mini Speaker $24.95
A small, light-weight speaker that allows you to listen to music anywhere – perfect for traveling. 
5. Weather Station with wired sensor $49.95
Monitor indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, as well as time and date with this stylish weather station. Also includes an alarm with snooze function. 
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