How to spruce up your garden this spring

So you’ve finished spring cleaning your garden and now it’s time to focus on your garden. The recent wet weather in Australia’s eastern states has resulted in a surge of growth in many gardens, so where to start?! This week Paul’s Landscaping Sydney have shared some of their top tips on how to spruce up your garden…

1. Clean Up Garden Beds 
Spring cleaning is not only an indoor thing, your garden must be tidy too! Go out and collect any leaves, small branches and other green waste you come across. If you happen to see some early weeds growing here and there, make sure you pull them out as well.

Mr Gift Tip: The amount of waste you collect might inspire you to start a compost heap to make the most of this organic goodness. You could invest in a traditional compost bin, or if you have the space, set up three compost bays that you can keep rotating. 

Don’t forget to take care of your hands when you’re cleaning up. A good pair of garden gloves such as the 2nd Skin Gardening Gloves will protect your hands from insect bites and plant thorns. 

2. Test The Soil
Now is the right time to check the condition of your soil. Take a sample and see if your garden is missing any essential nutrients. If you don’t have a soil tester, bring your sample to the local gardening store – they should be able to help. And if you need to feed the land – consider using a slow-release fertiliser.

3. Plan(t) Ahead
Spring is the best season to think about the near future of your landscape. No matter if you’d rather get rid of some old plants, or you wish to refresh existing outdoor design with new flowers – it’s much better when you have a plan in your head. And why not a written schedule?

Mr Gift Tips: 
• Create a Pinterest board with images of your ‘perfect garden’ and plants you’d like to plant. 
• Consider complimentary colours when selecting flowering plants, and combine them with plants that have interesting foliage to add texture. 
• Consider the seasons and select plants that will reward you all year round – spring bulbs and summer annuals for colour, as well as perennials that flower when other things aren’t flowering. 
• Pay attention the next time you go for a walk around your neighbourhood – what tips can you glean from your neighbours?

4. Sprout Some Seeds 
Seedlings are good but starting new seeds can be even more beneficial. Seeing how a plant comes “out of nowhere” and then fully develops, brings a lot of joy to every gardening enthusiast.

Mr Gift Tip: Growing seeds is a great activity to involve children in. Look for interesting and unusual varieties of common flowers and veggies to grow. Heirloom veggies are fun to grow, as they result in crops that look different to the stock-standard fruit and veg you buy from the supermarket. The Little Veggie Patch Co have a great selection of beautiful heirloom seeds. 

5. Check Your Garden Tools
See if everything is okay with the equipment you store in the garden shed. Some gadgets may need to be fixed or replaced. If you have a lawn mower: see if the blades need sharpening, change the oil, check the spark plug and replace/clean air filters.

Mr Gift Tip: Even just cleaning garden tools will give them a new lease of life, ensuring they last longer and that you enjoy using them. 

6. Ask For Some Help 
Not sure where to start or how to go on? Fortunately, there are local gardening teams that can assist you. A skilled landscaper will give you precious advice and will handle any issues that might otherwise seriously demotivate you.

Mr Gift Tip: Sometimes some jobs are just too big (like pruning or removing large trees) and it’s actually safer to recruit the help of experts with the right equipment. Know your limits and put safety first! 

These tips were kindly shared with us by the gardening experts at Paul’s Landscaping Sydney. Whenever you want to upgrade the look of your outdoor space or just need regular care for your garden and lawn, don’t hesitate to give them a call. They will gladly help with anything – from weeding and lawn mowing, to tree surgery, irrigation and up-to-date landscape design.

What gardening jobs do you enjoying doing?

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