How to Plan a Romantic Weekend Away

This is the final instalment of our blog series, Five Ways to Spoil your Valentine… 
Some of the most romantic weekend getaways I’ve had with my husband have been the ones that have been organised last minute. For example, waking up in the morning and saying ‘shall we go away somewhere this weekend?’ We haven’t been quite as spontaneous since our children came along, since we now have two little people to think about. But planning a romantic weekend away doesn’t have to be hard. And if you can’t find a babysitter, you can always take the kids with you! 

1. Pick a location
The first thing to consider is where you’re going. If you do want to break the bank, then you can consider all-inclusive Valentine’s breaks with a five-star hotel, a five-star meal, and a five-star receipt from your credit card company! Ultimately though, if you want a really memorable weekend, seek out a unique experience. Explore options ‘off the beaten track’ (although not too ‘beaten’ if you appreciate the finer things in life), such as a secluded cabin in the bush, or a cute beach hut that put you close to nature. The more adventurous might consider ‘Glamping’. You could also opt for the bed and breakfast experience with attentive, individual service. Seeking out the less obvious options that are still special means you won’t be fighting with everyone else to make a booking. 

Choosing a location by the beach or bush is a great way to get close to nature and unwind
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2. Work out how to get there
The journey can be half the adventure, especially if you’re planning on driving. Examine the various routes to get to your destination and make a note of points of interest along the way – a charming café or winery to stop at for lunch is a nice way to break the journey. A scenic route may have some nice bushwalks you could check out – the fresh air will reinvigorate you and hopefully combat driver fatigue. 

3. Book accommodation
Obviously the further in advance you book, the more options you’ll have. However, you could get lucky – a last-minute vacancy might become available at your dream hotel, so it’s always worth calling to double check. If you can only book one night at your location, you might consider staying a night in another town on the way to or from your destination. This can break up your trip and give you the chance to do some different activities. 

4. Book dinner and other activities

Another key component to consider for a romantic weekend away is which activities you’re going to do. We suggest some fun, adventurous activities during the day, followed by a quieter, more relaxed evening. This might include a morning beach walk or hike in the bush, followed by an afternoon nap and then a quiet meal at a local restaurant or at your accommodation. Other daytime activities could include: golf, tennis, indoor bowling, a tour of town you’re staying in (by foot or bus), a bike ride, a boat cruise or snorkeling if you’re by the water.  If you don’t fancy cracking a sweat, taking in a movie or art exhibition could be a more subdued activity. 

A leisurely bike ride is a nice way to spend time together
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Whatever you decide to do, the important thing is focusing on each other and feeling like you’re in your own little world. With a little creative thinking, this doesn’t have to be expensive – draw some inspiration from early dates you had together when you first met each other and try to tie each activity to one of these fun dates. This makes it more personal than anything else.

Try not to tire yourselves out too much during the day so you still have some energy for a romantic dinner together in the evening. If you’re eating locally, try to find a restaurant or cuisine that has some meaning. For example, if your first date was a Thai meal together, look for a Thai restaurant (hopefully your first date wasn’t at McDonalds!). 

If your accommodation has cooking facilities, you could prepare and enjoy a lovely meal in (here are some more tips on how to do that). Try to think about what you want to cook before you go away for the weekend so you can remember to take any recipes you need with you. Don’t let grocery shopping take up too much of your day. There are more exciting things to do on Valentine’s Day than wandering around a supermarket. 

It doesn’t matter where you go, or how much money you spend; what is important is that you create a loving atmosphere between the two of you. On your romantic weekend getaway you should feel like you are the only two people who exist. 

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