Handmade gift of the week: How to use old books

There is an abundance of second hand books at markets and in charity shops these days. The good news is that even the ones that aren’t best sellers can be put to good use – and not by reading them. Here are a couple of crafty ways to turn the pages of old books into a unique handmade gift that your recipient will treasure forever…

These cute hearts would make a great card too

These delicate butterflies would make a delicate artwork for a little girl’s bedroom

Why we love these:
  • These artworks are stylish and timeless
  • This is a great way to recycle old books, or even newspapers
  • You can customise and personalise each artwork, depending on the shapes and colours you choose.
  • Experiment with different coloured/shaped frames – white, black, natural wood, bold red, etc. 
  • How beautiful would these creations look as gift cards and gift tags? The options are endless and limited only by your imagination!
Who would you make one of these artworks for? 
We’d love your thoughts – please comment below…

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