Peppa Pig birthday cake

Like many three-year-olds, Little Miss Gift is obsessed with Peppa Pig. She would spend hours absorbed watching it on TV, if I let her. So it was no surprise when we were planning her third birthday afternoon tea that Peppa Pig was her theme of choice. 

I wasn’t sure how I was going to create a birthday cake in the shape of Peppa Pig. So I opted for a simple round-shaped birthday cake (two slabs of cake, sandwiched with butter cream icing to keep it moist) and focused on decorating it with a Peppa theme. 

I have never done cake decorating, so wasn’t confident I could make sugar Peppa Pig figurines, but then I had the idea of incorporating some of the Birthday Girl’s presents into the cake. I had bought some plastic Peppa Pig figurines that I thought would be fun to pop on the cake. When the cake ceremony was done she would have some new little friends to play with. 

This idea worked a treat and Little Miss Gift was thrilled. 

Other cake components included:

  • White fondant icing (left over from my son’s birthday cake, but rolled dangerously thin – I don’t think you can get two cakes out of one pack of icing!) covering a Funfetti-flavoured cake.
  • Pink marshmellows cut in half and dipped in Hundred and Thousands sprinkles
  • Birthday candles purchased from local discount store 
  • White and silver organza “Happy Birthday” ribbon around the base of the cake (to cover where the fondant finishes) and add to the birthday theme. And yes, this is the same ribbon I used on my son’s cake;-)
Tip: I used toothpicks to support/hold the figurines in place as Mummy and Daddy pig were quite heavy!

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What sort of birthday cakes do your kids like? 
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