Handmade gift of the week: House-warming gift idea

A house-warming gift is a great way to welcome someone new to the neighbourhood, whilst making a positive first impression. Here’s one we found that makes us wish the Smiths were our neighbours! 

Possibly the best neighbour gift ever! 
Image from www.nickmom.com
Why we love it:
  • I don’t know many people who wouldn’t love receiving a bottle of wine, but even if they don’t drink, it’s always handy having a bottle of wine in the cupboard to offer to guest or friends that pop around. 
  • This is a particularly thoughtful drink for new neighbours that are also renovating. 
  • The addition of the hammer is funny, but also practical – something you’d definitely use after moving into a new house and need for the odd repair job or putting up pictures. 
  • The little note included with this gift looks lovely and natural and personal since it’s handwritten. You could use any type of gift card here, but the ‘swing-tag’ type with a string work particularly well. 
Have you ever given or received a ‘neighbour gift’? 
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