The best advice my dad gave me: Robyn Papworth, Move4Health

Robyn Papworth shares her dad’s wise words in our latest installment of The best advice my dad gave me

“My dad’s greatest piece of advice was how to change a flat tyre and restart my old Volkswagen Beetle.

This came in handy a few times when my poor little bug decided it didn’t have the energy to go up a large hill or keep up with the traffic on the freeway.

I still hear my dad’s voice in my head when I drive my old beetle out on a day trip.”

Robyn is an Exercise Physiologist, mother of twins, entrepreneur, and supportive wife. Robyn says, “I love being a mum, wife, and behavioral therapist for children with learning difficulties and I hope that my wisdom can help my kids keep out of trouble when they need to later in life.” Learn more about what Robyn does here: 

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