Handmade Wedding Gift of the week: A Year of Firsts Gift Basket

The first year of being married is an exciting one. It is fun to enjoy special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, holidays and New Year’s Eve together as a married couple. We thought this gift basket was a great way of celebrating these “firsts” together, with things such as a special bottle of wine for your first dinner party as a married couple… 
Image from Pinterest

Why we love it:
1. You can completely personalise this based on what the couple are into. For example, if they like to party and entertain, then things like a bottle of wine or some nibbles would probably go down well. 
2. A great deal of thought and care has been put into the labels of each item. An explanation for each item has been typed and printed on paper and then mounted on cards that have been cut out with pinking sheers (so they have a zig-zag edge). You could also hand-write a message on gift tags and attach them to the items. 
3. We love the neutral colours of this basket, as they make the products in the basket stand out, but you could opt for any colours you like. 
4. You could use a box or plastic crate instead of a basket – anything that could be used again when empty would be handy. 
5. You could apply this gift idea to a baby gift basket and include lots of interesting gift ideas that could be used for a newborn in their first year. 

What would you include or love to receive in a basket like this? We’d love your thoughts – please comment below…

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