The best advice my dad gave me: Theresa Charles, Gidgee Baskets

Theresa Charles shares her dad’s wise words in our latest installment of The best advice my dad gave me…

“The best thing my dad taught me was to show compassion for others, to never judge a book by its cover and two wrongs never make a right. My father believed in me, and loved me unconditionally and that’s the greatest gift he could ever give me. He passed away before I had my children and a day doesn’t go by that I wish he was here. My sister and I had engraved on his headstone ‘you are our world, and the love of our life’.”

Theresa is a wife, mother of 4, nurse, retailer and most recently author. “I live in a far north Queensland town, and as with all small communities it has it ups and downs but even after backpacking around the world (before children), it is always great to come home,” says Theresa.   

Theresa’s business is Gidgee Baskets, which can be found here: or on Facebook. She has also written a book – Fine Wine and a Midlife crisis by Tara Freeman

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