Cool cakes: Heineken Cake

When looking for inspiration for a cake, I can imagine the person who made this asking themselves: “What does he like? Beer. What type of beer? Heineken.” And what a great way to come up with an idea for a cake the recipient will love!
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Why we love it:
  • This cake is perfectly decorated – the colours are clear and bright and the text is beautifully formed. 
  • What man wouldn’t love a cake like this?
  • The shape of the cake is simple, so no fancy baking tins required. 
  • The fondant icing hides a multitude of sins. Your cake doesn’t need to be perfect as this type of icing works miracles by forming a ‘blanket’ over the cake whilst keeping it moist. 
What type of beer would you choose if you made a cake like this? We’d love your thoughts – please comment below…

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