Four gorgeous handmade cards made from circles

Don’t underestimate the power of the circle – especially when it comes to handmade cards! If you use a template to draw your circles and cut them out carefully, they can look very neat and are a great way of filling the space on the card. Here are four very different cards that use circles in really effective ways to create stunning greeting cards…

1. Lollipop card: 
  • This card uses tones of colour really effectively to create a colourful rainbow effect. 
  • The plain kraft coloured card colour is a good choice as the colours of the lollipop stand out more on this type of background. 
  • The stitching detail (created by making little dashes with a white pen) around the edge of the card is a sweet detail, but you could leave this off if you wanted to. 
  • The ‘Hey Sweetie’ banner is also cute, but you could personalise this message however you wished. 

2. Pink circles card:
  • The colour palette works well for this card – pale pink, ivory, natural kraft. The combination of subtle patterns and textures also gives this card interest and dimension. 
  • The addition of buttons, pearl beads, flower prints, and thread also gives this card a very feminine feel. 

3. Blue circles card:
  • The blue and white tones give this card a cleaner, crisper feel. 
  • If you left off the floral print paper and butterfly, this card would also work well for a man. 
  • The circles appear to be raised, and the front of the card is mounted on a base card, which gives it a three-dimensional effect. 

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4. Christmas snowflake and circles card:
  • This card has a very delicate, etheral effect because of the semi-transparent paper used for the circles and snowflakes. 
  • The use of sequins gives this card a little extra ‘sparkle’.
  • The use of colour here is exquisite – we love that traditional Christmas colours have been replaced with cream, turquoise and gold. 
Which card do you like best? 
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