Ten cute Christmas Tree gift cards

Christmas trees are a great source of inspiration for handmade cards. Here are ten of our favourite ideas, which demonstrate how different you can make a Christmas tree look!

1. Folded Christmas tree
This simple idea just uses folded white paper in different sizes. You could play around with different types of paper for your tree or card base. Experiment with wrapping paper, metallic paper, handmade/textured paper and glue little decorations like sequins or stars on your tree. 

2. Triangle Christmas tree card
Wondering what to do with those little scraps of Christmas paper left over from wrapping all your gifts? Yes, they can be reused! You can also use any sort of paper or card, such as craft paper, newspaper, plain white paper, or even paper doilies, as this card demonstrates. Buttons and twine also add a third dimension to this card. This is a simple design you could make with your children. 

3. Hand-sewn Christmas tree card 
You don’t have to be a great sewer to create this card. The beauty lies in the type of thread you choose. You could opt for something colourful on a contrasting background, like this card. Or go for something natural and tonal, like twine on a kraft card base. Use a template or a ruler to mark your holes with a pencil for a neat finish. 

4. Card Strip Christmas tree card
This is also a great way to use up little strips of paper or ends of washi tape rolls. The spots on the card base also give it texture and interest. We also love the way the strips are placed unevenly – this gives the tree a more natural look. 

Image from www.nobiggie.net

5. Cork Christmas tree
Corks are probably too bulky to use on a standard sized Christmas card, but you could use any round object, such as bottle tops, buttons or sequins to create a similar effect. 
6. Ribbon Christmas tree
This is a great way of using up leftover pieces of ribbon. As with the hand-sewn Christmas tree card, measure and mark your card so you know exactly where to punch your holes and thread the ribbon through. Experiment with different types of ribbon – printed, plain, metallic, Christmas-themed, etc. 
Image from www.buzzfeed.com
7. Triangle Christmas tree card #2
This is a neater alternative to the layered triangle Christmas tree card above. We love the addition of the bow and diamontes used for stars on top of each tree. 
Image from www.pinterest.com

8. Organza Ribbon Christmas tree card
This card reminds me of a dancer’s twirling ribbon – it’s simple but very delicate and effective. It’s also a great way of using up leftover pieces of ribbon. Organza and metallic ribbon gives the card a light, festive look. 
Image from www.aweenest.com

9. Button Christmas tree
This beautiful button and sequin Christmas tree would also make a beautiful Christmas tree ornament. If you attach the tree to the card with Blue Tac or double-sided tape (so that it can easily be removed) and attach some twine at the top of tree so that it can be hung, your recipient will get years of use out of it and think of you everytime they look at their Christmas tree. 
10. Layered Christmas tree card
Christmas trees are a great motif to use on greeting card because they can be simplified as triangles. This card has a gorgeous patchwork effect and we love the red and white colour combination. You could of course, go crazy and layer lots of different coloured paper or fabric triangles for a bolder look. The large red ribbon is also a lovely way to finish off this card. 
Image from www.dailystampede.com
Which card do you like best? 
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