Marvelous Mother’s Day Gifts

Marvelous Mother's Day gifts
Gifts to say ‘thanks Mum’…

I recently learnt how to braid my daughter’s hair. My technique is still very much a ‘work in progress’ thanks the the fine, unruly mop she inherited from me, but the whole experience took me back to my childhood when my own mum was learning to braid my hair. I recall wiggling and whining as she implored me to sit still while she practised tirelessly. She mastered this challenging task with perfection, and I now have a new appreciation for the time she invested. It’s these little ‘investments’ our parents make that are often overlooked until we get older and become parents too. This Mother’s Day, spare a thought for the little things (in addition to the big things) that our mothers do.  

Whilst we specialise in quality gifts for men, we try to source special gifts that are versatile enough to suit men and women. So here are ten of our favourite Mother’s Day gifts for 2016 below…

We’re also offering a $10 DISCOUNT on all orders from now until midnight, Wednesday 20/4/16.  
Use Discount Code MUM in the Discount Code field when you place your order. 

This offer can’t be used in conjunction with other offers, or redeemed for cash. But please feel free to share with family and friends:)

Sow n Sow Seeds
1. Sow n Sow Seeds $9.95 each or 2 for $15
Choose from a variety of traditional favourites and Australia Natives, such as: Trio or Herbs, Forget-me-not, Enchanted Garden, Kangaroo Paw, Wattle, Wisteria, Billy Buttons, and Everlasting Daisy. 
Go-comb hair comb
2. Go Comb $14.95
As the name suggests, this comb is small-but-mighty and an essential for every purse or wallet. 
Kobo Seeds Candles
3. Kobo Seeds Candle $44.95
Available in delicious aromas including: Catalan Calendula, Siam Poppy, Sommerset Thyme and Wild Tomato. No relaxing bath would be complete without one of these! 
Burgon and Ball Gardening Gloves
4. Burgon and Ball Gardening Gloves $41.95
The high-quality, comfortable fabric of these gloves will protect delicate hands from spiky plants and other elements in the garden…and they look pretty too!
Suck UK Bottle Light
5. Suck UK Bottle Light $21.95 each or 2 for $40
Now you can turn those empty wine bottles (with interesting labels) into beautiful lights for your table or outdoor entertaining area with these safe and handy USB rechargeable lights. 
Vintage Record Coasters
6. Vintage Record Coasters $29.95
Lovingly made from the labels of original 33lps, these coasters are a unique accessory for the home, with no two sets alike. 
Keep Calm Band Aid Kit
7. Keep Calm Band Aid Kit $11.95 each or 2 for $20
If there was ever a time to “keep calm” it’s when you need a Band Aid. This handy set of plasters are perfect for the kitchen or office draw, or even your handbag. The bright colours are also a great distraction for bumps and scrapes. 
Precision 8-in-1 Screwdriver
8. Precision 8-in-1 Screwdriver $9.95 each or 2 for $16
Every women needs one of these in their handbag. If not in their handbag, then in their desk or kitchen draw. They are only the size of a pen, but have eight different sized heads to cover a variety of jobs.
Karlsson Wall Clock
9. Karlsson Wall Clock $74.95
A stylish clock is an essential for every home, and this Karlsson Floating Stripes clock certainly ticks the ‘timeless style’ box. 
Call Key Key Ring
10. Call Key Key Ring with LED Torch $14.95 each or 2 for $25
No one likes looking for lost keys, especially when they’re already running late! The solution? Simply attach the Call Key Key Ring to your keys. The next time you need to find them just whistle or shout and the built-in sensor will activate a high-pitched beeping noise and flash the LED torch. Such an amazingly useful, thoughtful gift will ensure that Mum loves you the most!

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