💝 Gifts For The Best Mum EVER! 🎁

Gifts for the best mum, EVER…

In my grandmother’s kitchen, hung a decorative ceramic plate that said, “A good example is the best teacher”. It took me a very long time to fully grasp what this meant. As time went by, I realised that virtues such as kindness, honesty, patience, (as well as many more) had been instilled in me not through years of schooling, but by watching my grandma and my mother practice what they preached, year after year, after year. Setting a positive example for our children all the time is much harder than it appears (especially at the end of a long day), but it’s what we aspire to as parents. This year I encourage you to take a moment and think of the lessons you learned from your mum, not by being ‘taught’, but simply by following her example. 

Whilst we specialise in quality gifts for men, we try to source special gifts that are versatile enough to suit men and women. So here are ten of our favourite Mother’s Day gifts for 2018 below…

We’re also offering a $20 DISCOUNT on all orders from now until midnight, Sunday 13/5/18.  
Use Discount Code MUM in the Discount Code field when you place your order. 

This offer can’t be used in conjunction with other offers, or redeemed for cash. But please feel free to share with family and friends:)

Sow n Sow Seeds
1. Sow n Sow Seeds $9.95 each or 2 for $15
Choose from a variety of traditional favourites and Australia Natives, such as: Trio or Herbs, Forget-me-not, Enchanted Garden, Kangaroo Paw, Wattle, Wisteria, Billy Buttons, and Everlasting Daisy. 
2. Go Comb $19.95
As the name suggests, this comb is small-but-mighty and an essential for every purse or wallet. 
Kobo Seeds Candles
3. Kobo Seeds Candle $44.95
Available in delicious aromas including: Catalan Calendula, Siam Poppy, Sommerset Thyme and Wild Tomato. No relaxing bath would be complete without one of these! 
4. Sprout Women’s Gardening Gloves $22.95
The high-quality, comfortable Lycra and goatskin fabric of these gloves will protect delicate hands from spiky plants and other elements in the garden…and they look pretty too!
5. Rob Ryan Glasses (pair) $24.95
Mums will love the sweet, delicate design of Rob Ryan’s whimsical papercut work printmaking style. Also available in a matching jug.  
Shower cap
6. Shower Cap $29.95
Mum will look her best, even when she’s in the shower with this cool shower cap. 
Suck UK Colour Changing Umbrella
7. Suck UK Colour-Changing Umbrella $69.95
Brighten mum’s day on the dreariest of rainy days with this fun colour-changing umbrella.  
Eva Solo Mini Bird Feeders
8. Eva Solo Mini Bird Feeders (pair) $79.95
Animal-loving mums will love encouraging the birds into their garden this this beautiful pair of bird feeders. 
Leff Amsterdam Scope Clock
9. Leff Amsterdam Scope Wall Clock $269.95
A stylish clock is an essential for every home, and mum will love this contemporary clock from Leff Amsterdam. Also available in white. 
Fitkick Folding Cap
10. Fitkick Folding Cap $24.95
Mum will never be caught without a cap again thanks to the Fitkick Folding Cap. It folds down to nothing so it can be stashed in a handbag, pocket or suitcase. Everyone needs one of these! Also available in black.

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