What was the last gift you bought, and who was it for?

Buying gift for others can be tough. So we threw the question out to our Facebook friends: 

What was the last gift you bought, and who was it for?” 

The response was overwhelming – everyone has such great ideas for all the people in their lives. We’ve broken the ideas down by recipient, so hopefully this will give you some inspiration the next time you’re looking for a gift for any of these people!

Gifts for partners
– Necklace
– Dinner out
– Chocolates
– Tim Tams
– Game of Thrones jigsaw puzzle

– Clothes
– Personalised Oreo biscuit tins (filled with Oreos ??) for my husband and my son
– Flowers
– X and O shaped cookies
– Gold Class cinema tickets
– “A new grater for hubby for Valentines!! I broke the old one and he whines all the time about it! I saw this flash one with bowl underneath and just had to get it for him!”

Gifts for parents
– Perfume

Gifts for sisters
– Perfume, underwear, shampoo & conditioner, a loofah & bucket of Peanut M&Ms

Gifts for Grandparents
– Bunnings voucher
– Everlasting Rose

Gifts for other relatives
– Gift voucher

Gifts for friends
– Luxury skincare

Gifts for kids
– Pram with a dolly for granddaughter
– Books
– Jumpsuit (for newborn baby)
– Elsa Barbie Doll
– Pretty dress for teenage granddaughter
– Little toys/hairbands/pens for my children’s brave charts
– Beanie Kids for teenage son
– Phone for teenage son
– Remote control Monster Truck

Gifts for adult kids
– “A Wonder Woman blanket for adult sons birthday. When he received it he wrapped it around himself in 35 degree heat and said he was wrapping Wonder Woman around himself.”

Gifts for work colleagues
– Necklace

Gifts for Fur Babies
– New bed

Gifts for yourself (who doesn’t need one of these?!)
– Roses
– New phone
– Google Home

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