Gifts for Magic Mums

Mother's Day Gifts
Gifts for Magic Mums

Mums are magic. Otherwise how would they’ve known when we were playing up behind their back? Or when we were lying? My mum used to claim that she had eyes in the back of her head…but I never saw an extra pair of eyes, so I concluded that she was just magic. As we get older, mums become magic in other ways, even if it’s just knowing when we (or their grandchildren) need a cuddle.

To celebrate the magical mums in our lives, we have put together ten of our favourite Mother’s Day Gift ideas below, with plenty more ideas on our website,

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Wishing you all a wonderful Mother’s Day 2019,
Courtney and the Mr Gift Team

Mums are Magic mug
1. Mums Are Magic mug $24.95
Because they really are.
Prosecco Bath Bombs
2. Prosecco Bath Bombs $19.95 or 2 for $35
Everyone loves bubbles – especially in a drink or in a bath.
Prosecco Bath Bombs combine the best of both – Prosecco scented bath bombs that create beautiful bubbles in your bath. These gold glitter bath bombs combine a dynamic mix of sodium bicarbonate and a delightful fragrance for a magical bathing experience.

Fitkick Folding Cap
3. Fitkick Folding Cap $29.95
This genius cap features a peak that folds into thirds so the cap folds down to nothing and can be stashed in small spaces. Just imagine a cap that will fit into your pocket, handbag, backpack or suitcase!
Bell Art Boronia Berry Bloq
4. Bell Art Boronia Berry Bloq $12.95
If you love the smell of ripe berries and flowers, you’ll love the Boronia Berry Bloq. Whilst this scent is floral and sweet, it is by no means overpowering. The aroma is still fresh and delicate, and is made of all-Australian ingredients. Tuck it anywhere in your house – wardrobes, cupboards, draws, or even under your bin liner to freshen your surroundings.

Sunnylife Cooler Bottle Tote
5. Sunny Life Cooler Bottle Tote $24.95
No picnic is complete without a cold drink, and there’s no better way to keep your drink cold than with a Sunnylife Cooler Bottle Tote. This is also the perfect way to gift mum her favourite bottle of wine.
Sow-n-sow Seeds
6. Sow-n-sow Seeds $9.95
Seasoned gardeners and novice garden enthusiasts will love these gorgeous packs of seeds. There’s also a variety to suit every garden and every taste.
Suck UK Colour Changing Umbrella
7. Suck UK Colour Changing Umbrella $69.95
Rainy days don’t need to be grey and dreary. This Colour Changing Umbrella from Suck UK is guaranteed to help brighten mum’s day! Suck UK have printed this umbrella with special ink: it’s white when dry, but comes to life when it gets wet and transforms into a colourful rainbow of raindrops. A boring black umbrella will never cut it again once you’ve experienced this fun, vibrant umbrella!
Sunprint Photographic Paper Kit
8. Sunprint Photographic Paper Kit $12.95
Crafty mums will love the Sunprint Photographic Paper Kit, which allows you to capture silhouettes on this cool light sensitive photographic paper using just the sun and water. The resulting images make incredible framed artworks, or can be used for greeting cards, scrapbooks, and more. 
Mother's Day Mug
9. Life Doesn’t Come with Manual if Comes with a Mother mug $24.95
Ain’t that the truth!
Bell Art Olive Oil Soap Set
10. Bell Art Olive Oil Soap Set $24.95
This beautifully illustrated box features a luxurious collection of handmade olive oil soaps, fragranced with four different essential oil blends: Lemongrass, Eucalyptus Mint & Myrtle, Aniseed & Cinnamon and Rose Geranium. Soaps are all natural and palm oil free.

TIP: This set would also present beautifully as a special gift for overseas friends and family.

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