Melanie Johnson: “The biggest thing I’ve learnt since becoming a mum is…”

“The biggest thing I’ve learnt since becoming a mum is that there’s more than one right or wrong way to be a mum. Ever since I was pregnant, people kept throwing all kinds of advice my way, most of which sounded ridiculous. After the baby was born, I also heard all kinds of opinions, some of the things even made me feel guilty and a failure. So, my advice is to stop listening to all the noise, there are many ways to do motherhood right, you don’t have to stick to some other people’s priorities, find your own instead.” – Melanie Johnson

Melanie Johnson is a manager at Fantastic Services Group, which is one of the leading home improvement companies in Australia. Fantastic Services provide a range of handyman, cleaning, pest control, gardening and rubbish removal services. 

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