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Useful gifts are underrated

I am a huge fan of useful gifts…which probably sucks for my family and friends. Whilst “useful” gifts have an (unfair) wrap of being boring, hear me out. Nothing makes me happier than a giving a gift that enhances someone’s life for the better, especially if they can use it regularly. I’ve put together a list of some of our favourite useful gifts – many of which also look and smell awesome, as well as being functional. 

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Happy gifting!
Courtney and the Mr Gift Team

Guitar Multitool
1. Guitar Multitool $9.95
Don’t get caught without a bottle opener again with this handy 4-in-1 multitool that includes a:

  • Bottle opener
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Key ring
Le Videpoche Desk Tidy
2. Le Videpoche Desk Tidy $58.95
We all know at least one guy who could benefit from a tidy desk. This handy tray could even be kept on your hall stand or near your front door so that the important things, such as your wallet, phone, keys and coins are always where you need them to be.
Eva Solo Nordic Knife Stand
3. Eva Solo Nordic Kitchen Knife Stand $149.95
If your kitchen is anything like mine, you’ll have a few random knives hanging around in the top draw. Some are great knives, which were a solid investment at the time, and others need a bit of TLC from a good sharpening. The dilemma though, having to thoroughly ‘explore’ the kitchen draw each time one of said knives is required. This is where Eva Solo’s Nordic Knife Stand comes into play. It’s so stylish you’ll love showing it off on your benchtop, and your knives will always be at your fingertips.
Bell Art Bug Banish Bloq
4. Bell Art Bug Banish Bloq $12.95
It’s heartbreaking when you pull a favourite jumper or cardigan out of the cupboard to discover a myriad of holes, indicating the moths and silverfish have enjoyed feasting on your treasured garment. The bugs won’t know what hit them with the Bug Banish Bloq – a powerful blend of six different essential oils packed into one tiny bloq. Banish those bugs – naturally and effectively!
5. Sagaform 5-in-1 BBQ Tool $58.95

No BBQ enthusiast should be without the 5 in 1 Multitool, has all the essential functions, including:

1. Spatula

2. Grilling fork

3. Marinade brush

4. Knife

5. Bottle opener (possibly the most important!)

It is as simple to use as it is to keep clean – and an extremely popular and unique present.

Eva Solo Coffee Capsule Dispenser
6. Eva Solo Coffee Capsule Dispenser $86.95
Where to store the coffee capsules? The struggle is real. #FirstWorldProblems

If you don’t want to be like me, and have them lying around on the bench all their life, Eva Solo have a solution. This cylinder-shaped coffee capsule dispenser provides a way to decoratively store your coffee capsules, while keeping track of how many capsules you have left.

Driinn Mobile Phone holder
7. Driinn Mobile Phone Holder $11.95 each or 2 for $20
The holder is designed to hook over your phone’s charger when it’s plugged into the wall, keeping your mobile phone off the ground and out of harm’s way. 
Refinery Shoe Shine Kit
8. Refinery Shoe Shine Kit $24.95
Every man should be well-equipped with a quality shoe shine kit.
The best thing about this kit is the stylish carry case the accessories come in, ensuring they are kept together and ready to use. 
Refinery Manicure Kit
9. Refinery Manicure Kit $24.95
Because clean and tidy hands maketh the man. 
Essential 15 piece tool set
10. Essential 15 piece Tool Set $19.95
This 15 pc Essential Tool Set has plenty of different options to help you complete a variety of jobs, such as:
– 2 in 1 handle with magnetic bit holders
– 11 x 25mm bits
– Extension bar
– 2 x spirit level
– 1 meter tape measure

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