Gifts for Active Dads

Gifts for Active Dads
Father’s Day, Sunday 1st September

If he just can’t sit still, then these are the gifts for him! For sporty dads, or those who just love being out in the garden, there’s a gift to keep any fidgety dad occupied.  

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Sunday 1/9/19.  
Use Discount Code DAD in the Discount Code field when you place your order. 

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Here are a few of our favourite active dad gift ideas

Fitkick Folding Cap
eg. Fitkick Folding Cap $29.95
Stay sun-smart, without the inconvenience of carrying a cap around with you.
This genius cap features a peak that folds into thirds so the cap folds down to nothing and can be stashed in small spaces. Just imagine a cap that will fit into your pocket, handbag, backpack or suitcase!
S'well Teakwood Insulated Bottle
eg. S’well Teakwood Insulated Bottle $55.95
Hydration is essential, especially when you’re active. This stylish insulated bottle keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot ones hot for 12. The S’Well Teakwood bottle celebrates nature with its smooth, matte wood finish – without harming any trees in in its creation. 
Boheme Hombre Backpack
eg. Boheme Hombre Leather Backpack NOW $200 (as $349.95)
When you’re moving around, a backpack is the best type of bag to carry your essentials. Boheme’s Hombre leather backpack is made to last a lifetime. This backpack is designed to look authentic, so has been crafted from a special leather that is designed to mark and age.
Golf marker
eg. Golf Marker in Copper, Bronze or Stainless Steel $39.95
A golf marker is an essential piece of kit for any golf bag. But why settle for a boring golf maker, when he can have a snazzy one like this?!
Donkey Bike Picnic Bag
eg. Donkey Bike Picnic Bag $67.95
This is the bike bag that every cyclist needs. Donkey Products have gone all out with this one, creating a durable fabric picnic bag that securely fits over your bicycle frame and attaches to itself with Velcro. It features three pockets: two bottle size, one large, so there’s amble of room for booze – um I mean “water” – and gourmet snacks.
Bike Tool Kit
eg. Bike Tool Set $19.95
He’ll be the most prepared cyclist on the road with this handy tool set, which includes:

  • Two screwdrivers
  • Seven Allen keys
  • Five wrenches
  • Nylon pouch for transportation and storage
Bicycle Puncture Repair Kit
eg. Bicycle Puncture Repair Kit $15.95
No one likes a puncture, and they usually occur at the most inconvenient time. This compact little puncture repair kit comes in a stylish tin, perfect for slipping into his pocket or bag. The Le Bicycle puncture repair kit includes:

  • Rubber cement
  • Rubber patches
  • Crayon
  • Chalk
  • 2 x tyre iron
  • Cheese grater buffer
  • 2 x valve tubing
Burgon & Ball Folding Saw
eg. Burgon & Ball Folding Pruning Saw $58.95
We’ve renamed this pruning saw, ‘the pocket rocket saw’, because this is exactly what it is! It’s hard to believe something so powerful folds down to something so small. This is an essential tool for garden enthusiasts. 
How Champions Think
eg. How Champions Think in Sports and In Life $39.95
Dads with an interest in sport, or a competitive edge will enjoy this book with its fascinating examples and case-studies on:

  • How LeBron James used visualisation to overhaul his three-point shooting.
  • How Greg Maddux used self-evaluation to become one of the world’s best pitchers.
  • How John Calipari used process to remake his Kentucky Wildcats basketball team.
  • How Seal learned to free himself up and let go on stage to become a great performer.
  • How NASCAR star Jimmy Johnson uses a surprising mental approach on the starting line.
  • How Hall of Fame golfer Pat Bradley learned to use laserlike focus to win major championships.
Hooked on You Fishing Lure
eg. “Hooked on You” Fishing Lure in Copper, Stainless Steel and Bronze $49.95
These unique fishing lures with their cute hand-stamped inscription: “Hooked on You” will make the fishing enthusiast in your life smile. 

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