About Us

I have heard there are a couple of different ways that people come up with an idea for a business: 

1. Their idea gradually evolves from an initial thought or trying to find a solution for a problem, or;
2. They are struck with an idea and have one of those brilliant 'light-bulb' moments. 
The idea for Mr Gift was the later - a complete light-bulb moment. I can even remember the exact moment that I had the idea for the business. I was crossing Melbourne's busy City Road, on my way to a writing course one Saturday morning. As I waited for the lights to change, I started to think about what I would buy my dad and husband for their birthdays. Their birthdays are in September and November respectively. It was April. My thoughts drifted to how ridiculous it was that I had to start planning their gifts so early, because they are so difficult to buy for. I figured that I wasn't the only woman who faced this dilemma, and there had to be an easier way...
As hard as I thought, I couldn't think of any specific stores that specialised in gifts for men. I could think of plenty of beautiful gift stores that had gorgeous women's presents, but not the equivalent for men. Sure, there were plenty of hardware-type stores that specialised in tools and car accessories, but I couldn't think of anywhere that sold beautiful, timeless men's accessories, grooming products or memorable gifts for the home - not in one place anyway. I didn't learn very much on my course that day, as I continued to ponder the opportunity of creating such a unique retail concept. I met my husband for lunch and asked him if he could name any men's gift stores. He couldn't. 
After considerable research, I was still convinced there was a gap in the market for quality men's gifts. That was nearly ten years ago, and I'm excited to say our journey continues today. We are proud of our range so far, but it will continue to grow and evolve as we discover and source new products from around the world. I won't be satisfied until I can think of at least five gift ideas that would suit every man I know - we're not there yet. 
Who is Mr Gift for?
Wives, girlfriends, mums, sisters, daughters – Mr Gift was developed with you in mind. We promise to keep your shopping experience quick and easy so you can find the perfect gift, every time. Sometimes we all need to treat ourselves, so Mr Gift is also the perfect place for men to browse and purchase products for themselves. Specialising in a high-quality brand mix, Mr Gift offers the latest men’s fashion accessories and home or office gadgets. Guys, you can shop with confidence knowing that our product quality is second to none, and you’ll be the envy of your friends with the latest model or design.
Who's behind Mr Gift?
We're a proud Australian small business run by husband and wife team, Jorgan and Courtney. Courtney heads up the day-to-day running of the business: assisting with customer enquiries and processing/dispatching orders, as well as sourcing new products and keeping the website up to date. Courtney comes from a retail background and is passionate about providing the best service possible and sourcing high-quality products that offer good value for money. Jorgan is the 'I.T guru', taking care of the technical side of the business by making sure the website works and is easy to use. Jorgan has an I.T background and loves solving problems.
The Mr Gift Family

Above: The Mr Gift Family - Courtney (customer service, product sourcing and content creator), Jorgan (webmaster and technical guru),
Little Mr Gift and Little Miss Gift (keep Mr and Mrs Gift on their toes!)
Why shop with us?
Although there are plenty of other online gift stores out there, Mr Gift is all about ‘quality’ - quality products, service and advice. ‘Quality’ doesn’t have to mean ‘expensive’ either. In our eyes, quality is a simple combination of products you can trust, that offer excellent value-for-money, coupled with great service and advice. 
We hope we can offer the passion, care and service of a local store, combined with the convenience of shopping online. 
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