GIFT TIP: Why wrapping gifts matters

Often the most memorable gifts we receive are the ones that are beautifully wrapped. Something magic happens when we open a carefully wrapped gift. Instead of ripping the wrapping off the gift as fast as humanly possible, we pause to savour the effort the gifter has invested in proudly presenting the gift. Regardless of if they wrapped it themselves, or had it wrapped in store, it’s the attention to detail that counts.

The joy of a thoughtfully wrapped present doesn’t just lie in expensive wrapping paper either. Other inexpensive personalised touches could include:

  1. Choosing paper with a certain pattern or colour to suit your recipient
  2. A cute personalised gift tag to accompany the gift
  3. A beautiful ribbon wrapped around plain wrapping paper (such as brown kraft paper) the recipient can reuse.
  4. Combining an additional gift, such as a small toy (like a Matchbox car) as part of the wrapping for a child’s present.

The key to perfect gift wrapping is personalising it wherever possible. Still struggling for ideas on how to wrap a present?

Here are some other gift wrapping ideas for inspiration…

HANDMADE GIFT IDEA: ‘Make a Wish’ Charm Bottles

This is a simple, but very cute gift idea – especially for children who are fascinated with dandelions. They would also be a magical addition to children’s party bags.
You can personalise the bottle and message attached to it to suit your recipient:-)


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HANDMADE GIFT IDEA: Fabric Coat Hangers

If you have scraps of fabric lying around, these fabric coat hangers are a fun way to repurpose it. We also love them because:
– This is a great technique for covering unattractive wire hangers
– The fabric prevents clothes from slipping off smooth plastic hangers.


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