My Favourite Quote: David Kosloski, Cachi Life

“Good artists copy, great artists steal.” – Pablo Picasso

To me this quote tells me so much. It explains that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel but you also shouldn’t make the same wheel. It showcases how the best artists are the ones that take the norm and make it better for everyone. An innovator, a leader, and a visionary.

David Kosloski is the owner of Cachi Life. An organization changing the way people travel through sustainable tourism.

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The best thing about winter is…working in the garden

It’s around this time of the year we start to long for longer, warmer days, and generally more sunshine. When it feels like the end of winter can’t come quick enough, this is the time to take stock and make the most of where we’re at. We put the question: What’s the best thing about winter out there, and received some great responses. We particularly loved this one from Elle Meager, founder of Outdoor Happens:

“The best thing about winter is working in the garden without being burned alive! Winter’s my favourite time for labour-intensive tasks like mulching and digging new gardens. During the day in winter, it’s the perfect temperature here in North Queensland.”

Elle Meager is the founder of Outdoor Happens, Permaculture Designer, and Sustainable Living Consultant.

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Recipe of the Week: Slow Cooked Mediterranean Lamb

After my family, my slow cooker might be my next greatest love. I love the idea of throwing in a big old piece of meat with some herbs, spices and seasoning in the morning, and coming home to restaurant-worthy meat-in-the-mouth goodness. This slow cooked lamb flavoured with lemon and oregano is no exception…

– 1 leg or shoulder of lamb
– 2 tbsp olive oil
– 2 cloves garlic, crushed
– 1 tsp dried oregano
– Flaked salt and ground pepper
– 2 lemons
– extra-virgin olive oil

1. Pre-heat your slow cooker on Low
2. Pop lamb in slow cooker and pour in juice from one lemon and a drizzle of oil over the top.
3. Season lamb with oregano, salt and pepper and garlic.
4. Add enough water so liquid comes up 2-3cm around the sides
5. Leave lamb to cook for 8 hours on low, or 6 hours on high.
6. Turn the lamb over every hour until it falls apart

Serve with a squeeze of lemon juice, a drizzle of extra-virgin olive oil, some salt and ground pepper.

TIP: Serve as a traditional roast with roast veggies, or pull the meat and serve in wraps or pitta bread with chopped tomatoes, lettuce, grated carrot, cheese, and greek yoghurt with cucumber. Also delicious served this way as left overs the next day!

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Our Aussie business feature continues with this inspiring interview with Stride founder, Jordan Wilkes. We absolutely love hearing peoples’ stories about how they arrived where they are today. This is Jordan’s journey of founding his Australian business Stride, an ethical fashion company:

1. Tell us a bit about your business and how you got to where you are now?

Stride is an online store that showcases ethical fashion from over 75 Australian labels. Think of Stride as similar to ASOS or The Iconic, but for slow fashion! Lots of Australians are fed up with a fashion industry that abuses human rights, destroys our environment, and even has child labour in their supply chain. Through Stride, Aussies can vote with their wallet for the world they desire – they can match what they wear with what they believe.

I have had an interesting career before Stride. I always had business aspirations, but my ambition since I could remember was to play professional soccer. After returning from playing soccer Greece in 2018, I finished my business degree and decided to pursue my business ambitions – hence Stride was born soon after.

2. What do you love most about your business – how is it unique?
It would definitely have to be the value-driven cause of Stride. Yes, we are a for-profit enterprise, but the overarching goal of ethical production and sustainable practices go far beyond the benefit of Stride. It truly humbles me to know that I am empowering Australians with good intentions to shop fashion that is contributing to a better world for them (and the people around them).

3. What’s your life mantra?
I’m not sure if it’s specifically a mantra, but a Tony Robbin’s quote that has always stuck in my mind is “Hell on Earth is meeting the person you could have become”.

I’ve been blessed in so many aspects of my life that I want to live it to my fullest potential – I don’t want to look at some young guy in 30 years time and think ‘that could have been me’.

I love how this quote is also very personalised in that it is the person that YOU could have become. It’s insular and not to be compared to someone else’s success; it’s all about being the very best person YOU can be.

4. What else would you be doing if you didn’t do what you do?
In a dream world, it would be playing for Liverpool FC – but I’m nowhere near good enough!

If I wasn’t operating my own business, I think I would be working for a marketing agency. Marketing in all it’s forms has always fascinated me and I’m always interested to see how platforms and messages can compel people to convert.

5. What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?
I’ve received some really thoughtful gifts in the past, but I can’t remember them!

For my last birthday, my girlfriend got me some Airpods and they have been a game-changer for so many reasons – work, exercise, podcasting.

6. What’s the best gift you’ve ever bought someone?
This may not be the ‘best’ gift, but I think it might be the most thoughtful one. My girlfriend and I were watching TV and she commented on how much she loved the earrings that the person on TV was wearing.

I noted that in my head, and the next day, I tried to Google these green earrings… but I didn’t get far! So I thought I may as well DM the person on TV and just ask.

To my surprise, she responded in like 20 minutes and told me where she got them from.

A quick online order and after a few days I had them – my girlfriend was very appreciative!

Jordan is the founder of Stride – Australia’s leading ethical fashion store with over 75 local labels.

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My Favourite Quote: Jordan Wilkes, Stride

“Hell on earth would have been to meet the person you could have been” – Tony Robbins

I adore this quote because it preaches individual fulfillment. We all have different goals in life and we should strive to be the best version of ourselves. We should take those risks, start that new business or persevere with that project… because one would hate to meet someone in 20 years’ time and think ‘that could have been me’. It’s tempting fate in the best possible way!

Jordan is the founder of Stride – Australia’s leading ethical fashion store with over 75 local labels.

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My Favourite Quote: Chloe Ballatore, Chloe’s Consciousness Training

“You only know how much you love yourself or anyone else by the commitments you’re willing to make and keep.” – Dr Pat Allen
I run all my relationships through this rubric. It is an excellent test to see who really cares about you and what you really care about.

Chloe Ballatore is a relationship and communication expert helping people fall in love and stay in love. Learn more at Chloe’s Consciousness Training.

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Recipe of the Week: BBQ Ribs

Slow cooked ribs are pure comfort food. Whilst time is required to cook them, this recipe can be prepared in minutes with simple ingredients. Pop them all in your slow cooker in the morning, and you’ll return home to the glorious aroma of slow-cooked meat.

Spice Rub:
– 1 teaspoon of dried thyme
– 2 teaspoons of smoked paprika
– 2 teaspoons of chilli (optional)
– Half a teaspoon of ground black pepper

BBQ Sauce:
– 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
– 2 tablespoons of brown sugar
– 1 tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce
– Half a cup of tomato sauce
– Half a cup of water

1. Combine dry spice ingredients and rub over the meat well. You can do this the night before and leave in fridge overnight for extra flavour.
2. Turn slow-cooker on low
3. Combine BBQ sauce ingredients on a bowl
4. Place meat in slow cooker and cover with sauce
5. Cook on low for 8 hours, or on high for 6 hours.

– Serve with grilled vegetables and mash, or salad and chips.
– This rub and sauce also work well with pork shoulder roast. Pull the pork and serve with coleslaw in buns for the perfect pork sliders.

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How to make a cake for a birthday or special occasion

I have lost count of the number of nights I’ve been up until 3am in the morning, making my children’s birthday cakes. And chatting with fellow mum friends, I know I am not alone!

When I come across businesses like Delice By Wish, I always wonder why I bother, when there are talented people like this who are able to miraculous turn your vision into a perfectly crafted masterpiece. A far cry from my late-night attempt to roll fondant and create Disney characters more akin to my kid’s playdough creations. We caught up with fellow Canberran, Wishmi from Delice by Wish to uncover her top tips on creating cake masterpieces at home.

1. What is the most popular cake flavour?
“The most popular cake flavour would be chocolate sponge cake with chocolate buttercream topped with berries.”

2. What trends are you seeing in cake making at the moment?
“The most popular cake trend at the moment would be naked cakes with natural flowers. Almost 90% of my orders are for these types of cakes. Fault line cakes which are usually decorated with buttercream with a visible under layer peeking through the midsection in contrasting colours and designs are also very popular.”

3. What are your tips for making a cake for people who are allergic to dairy, gluten or eggs?
“When making cakes for people with gluten, dairy or egg allergies it’s important to use recipes with substitutes to these ingredients. For example, a substitute for wheat flour would be buckwheat, rice or coconut flour and a substitute for dairy would be recipes using oil instead of butter. There are also heaps of recipes for vegan lovers that don’t use any animal products.”

4. What is the easiest way to decorate a cake, for people who have limited cake decorating experience?
“The easiest way to decorate a cake with minimal experience would be to just add a layer of buttercream and top it with berries or chocolates. Another easy but pretty method is to add a chocolate ganache and using your imagination to finish it off.”

5. What is your top tip for people making a cake at home?
“Top tips to making a cake at home would be to find a good recipe and follow it properly. Have all the ingredients such as butter and eggs at room temperature to avoid any messes, measure properly, and use cake flour if you’re a beginner so that you don’t have to worry about adding the correct amount of baking powder. Make sure not to over or under mix and use parchment paper for the baking trays to avoid burnt edges. A substitute to parchment paper would be to grease the tray with oil or butter, sprinkle a bit of flour to cover the whole surface, turn it upside down and lightly tap the tray to get rid of the excess flour. Finally insert a toothpick to check whether the cake is done, if it comes back clean the cake is ready!”

Wishmi is the baker and decorator at Delice by Wish. We are a small home based local business in Canberra specialising in wedding cakes, novelty cakes and various cookies and cupcakes. We admire everyone’s unique preferences and budgets and do our very best to create their dream cakes.

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My Favourite Quote: Josh Currier, Currier Marketing

“Amateur performers operate from delusion, pros operate from objective reality. The great ones’ habits, actions, and behaviors are totally congruent with the size and scope of their ultimate vision. That’s why we call them champions.” -Steve Siebold

Josh Currier is a marketing consultant and founder of Currier Marketing, a digital marketing agency.

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My Favourite Quote: Anne, Dianthus Miami

While I did my Bachelor thesis at a company in the Netherlands, I came upon the quote: “Insight without action is worthless.”Marie Forleo

A Lot of the employees had many ideas and opinions to make a positive change but didn’t share their insights with the company, so nothing actually changed.
Ever since I started my traineeship at Dianthus Miami, I shared my insights and encouraged others to do the same. The team-spirit has significantly changed and created a more out-of-the-box thinking workflow. That’s what lead us to our new motto: Be Different. Be Unique.

The quote does not just apply to work-related matters, but has been my daily inspiration to make our world a better place.

Anne is a Dutch Trainee at a Floral Designing company, Dianthus Miami.
Dianthus Miami specializes in providing exquisitely designed flower arrangements and plants on land and sea while offering world-class customer care.

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