GIFT FOR NEW PARENTS – Baby Hand or Footprint Kit $29.95

Capture those precious weeks when their hands and feet are so impossibly tiny with this beautiful hand or foot print kit. This kit includes a DIY clay kit, allowing you to quickly and easily capture an imprint of baby’s foot or hand.

TIP: This frame could also be used to capture your fur baby’s paw prints.

Baby Hand or Footprint Kit $29.95

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GIFT FOR WINE ENTHUSIASTS: Fred Stopped Up Bottle Stopper $9.95

We’ve all experienced the disappointment when we’ve gone to poor a glass of wine from an open bottle and discovered that the wine has gone bad. Unless you can completely seal the bottle and prevent additional oxygen from getting to the wine, it will deteriorate quickly.

A good quality bottle stopper is essential for getting the most out of your wine. The

Stopped Up Stopper is made from pure silicone for a superior fit.

Fred Stopped Up Bottle Stopper $9.95

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“Last Christmas I gave you my heart…”. Give your heart away this Christmas via these cute handmade heart cards. This is a great way of using up scraps of fabric, but you could also use paper, scraps of Christmas gift wrap and even old Christmas cards. The natural brown card makes a great base with the natural twine, but you could use a crisp white card base and bright ribbon for a different look.

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My Top Gift Tips: Sarah Vass, Fit Affinity

Sarah’s philosophy when buying gifts is to invest in gifts that enhance health and happiness – such a wise practice! Here are some of Sarah’s other top gift tips…

1. The best gift I ever received was… 
“Sky-diving!! Unforgettable.”

2. The top gift on my wish list is… 
“A new yoga mat. I’m a fitness junkie and I’ve had my current one for far too long it’s beginning to lose it’s anti-slip!”

3. The best gift I have ever given was… 
“I spoiled my mum with flights to the Whitsundays.”

4. The hardest person I have ever had to buy a gift for was/is… 
“My sister. I make it hard on myself because I have to keep upping the anti each year! lol”

5. The best last-minute gift is… 
“A meal at their favourite restaurant.”

6. My hot gift buying tip is… 
“Sometimes sharing an experience with your loved ones is more important than buying more junky ‘stuff’. I always ask this question, “Does this help encourage a healthy and happy life?” I think the most meaningful gifts go beyond just short term gratification.”

Sarah Vass is a health and fitness junkie who writes for Fit Affinity – a leading online retailer of workout plans and natural fitness supplements to help busy women to get lean and sculpted. Learn more about Sarah at and connect with her on Instagram

My Top Gift Tips: Clare Maxfield, etiquette coach

“I have just finished writing a gift giving etiquette post for my website due to go to air on 29th November when I will also be interviewed on the radio about the same topic,” says etiquette coach, Clare Maxfield. Clare also enjoyed the opportunity of sharing her top gift tips with us this week…

1. The best gift I ever received was… 
“A small wallet that I thought was useless until I realised that going out it was all that I needed.”

2. The top gift on my wish list is
“A gardenia plant. long story…”

3. The best gift I have ever given was…
“Hand blown whisky tumblers.”

4. The hardest person I have ever had to buy a gift for was…
“My ex-husband, he always bought everything he wanted and left nothing for me.”

5. The best last-minute gift is…
“Good wine.”

6. My hot gift buying tip is…
“Stock up on hand creams for women – they love it.”

Clare Maxfield is an image and etiquette coach who makes looking good simple.
Learn more about what she does here: Don’t forget to check out Clare’s gift giving etiquette post on 29 November 2016. 

Four gorgeous handmade cards made from circles

Don’t underestimate the power of the circle – especially when it comes to handmade cards! If you use a template to draw your circles and cut them out carefully, they can look very neat and are a great way of filling the space on the card. Here are four very different cards that use circles in really effective ways to create stunning greeting cards…

1. Lollipop card: 
  • This card uses tones of colour really effectively to create a colourful rainbow effect. 
  • The plain kraft coloured card colour is a good choice as the colours of the lollipop stand out more on this type of background. 
  • The stitching detail (created by making little dashes with a white pen) around the edge of the card is a sweet detail, but you could leave this off if you wanted to. 
  • The ‘Hey Sweetie’ banner is also cute, but you could personalise this message however you wished. 

2. Pink circles card:
  • The colour palette works well for this card – pale pink, ivory, natural kraft. The combination of subtle patterns and textures also gives this card interest and dimension. 
  • The addition of buttons, pearl beads, flower prints, and thread also gives this card a very feminine feel. 

3. Blue circles card:
  • The blue and white tones give this card a cleaner, crisper feel. 
  • If you left off the floral print paper and butterfly, this card would also work well for a man. 
  • The circles appear to be raised, and the front of the card is mounted on a base card, which gives it a three-dimensional effect. 

Image from
4. Christmas snowflake and circles card:
  • This card has a very delicate, etheral effect because of the semi-transparent paper used for the circles and snowflakes. 
  • The use of sequins gives this card a little extra ‘sparkle’.
  • The use of colour here is exquisite – we love that traditional Christmas colours have been replaced with cream, turquoise and gold. 
Which card do you like best? 
We’ve love your thoughts – please comment below…

Who is Mr Gift?

Finally! There is quick and easy solution for buying gifts for guys…

My father’s birthday, my husband’s birthday and Christmas are the three times of the year that I dread, because buying gifts for the men in my life becomes increasingly difficult every year. Even when asked what gifts they would like, neither of them are helpful with their reply of “nothing”. So what do you buy for the man who has everything?

Having worked in retail for a number of years, I have a pretty good understanding of what women want. But when it came to men, I was clueless – until now. Having personally experienced a gap in the market for quality men’s gifts (yes, you can have too many socks, shot glasses and stubbie coolers), I discussed my dilemma with female friends and family members and realised I wasn’t alone.

This was when the inspiration for a one-stop men’s gift shop struck. Mr Gift offers gift solutions for the most discerning dad, fussy father or particular partner. All brands and products are carefully sourced to ensure that men of all ages, with a variety of interests are covered.

Who is Mr Gift for?
Wives, girlfriends, mums, sisters, daughters – Mr Gift was developed with you in mind. We promise to keep your shopping experience quick and easy so you can find the perfect gift, every time. Sometimes we all need to treat ourselves, so Mr Gift is also the perfect place for men to browse and purchase products for themselves. Specialising in a high-quality brand mix, Mr Gift offers the latest men’s fashion accessories, grooming productshomewares, gardening products and office gadgets. Guys, you can shop with confidence knowing that our product quality is second to none, and you’ll be the envy of your friends with the latest model or design.

Why shop with us?Although there are hundreds of other online gift stores out there, Mr Gift is all about ‘quality’ – quality products, service and advice. ‘Quality’ doesn’t have to mean ‘expensive’ either. In our eyes, quality is a simple combination of products you can trust, that offer excellent value-for-money, coupled with great service and advice from gift experts.

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