FREE Printable Christmas Card

Personalise your Christmas cards this year with this FREE printable Christmas card with space to write your top three highlights for the year (and boy don’t we need to focus on the good stuff this year!)

No Christmas cards? No worries! Email to get your free printable Christmas card.

Simply print and fold! Comes with instructions on how to fold your card – no cutting required:-)

TIP: Print out some extra copies to stash as last-minute cards.

Drop us an email to and we’ll send you the PDF.

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CHRSITMAS IDEA: Christmas tree without a tree

If you want a Christmas tree with a difference this year, don’t want a Christmas tree, or are going away for Christmas and can’t put up a tree, this is the perfect solution! It’s easy (and cost effective) to execute – you just need tinsel, lights and a handful of baubles and you’re set!


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ABOUT US: Ever wondered who’s behind Mr Gift?

“I have heard there are a couple of different ways that people come up with an idea for a business:
1. Their idea gradually evolves from an initial thought or trying to find a solution for a problem, or;
2. They are struck with an idea and have one of those brilliant ‘light-bulb’ moments.
The idea for Mr Gift was the later – a complete light-bulb moment. I can even remember the exact moment that I had the idea for the business…” READ MORE of our story here>>>

NEW: Tool Bottle Opener $19.95

These cool tool bottle openers have been inspired by classic tools. Choose from four unique shapes, including:
1. Pliers
2. Wrench
3. Pipe Wrench
4. Pincer

Made from study cast iron, these bottle openers are perfect for:
– Home bars or Man Caves
– Camping and bonfires
– BBQs and parties
– Housewarming gifts
– 6th wedding anniversary (iron)

Tool Bottle Opener $19.95

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