Gift wrapping idea of the week: Groomsmen gift wrapping

Looking for a creative way to wrap your groomsmen’s gifts? Gift-wrapping their present with their bridal tie looks great and is a lovely way to present them with their tie for your special day…

Image from

Why we love it:
  • Simply wrapping your groomsmen’s ties around the present and securing them with a piece of natural-coloured raffia looks really striking, especially with a contrasting/dark coloured wrapping paper. The tie becomes the ‘hero’ of the wrapping, which means you can use a plainer paper underneath. 
  • How special would you feel as a groom receiving a gift like this!
  • If your groomsmen are wearing a bow tie instead of a tie, you could also have fun incorporating this into the wrapping too. 


We all know the feeling well. We’re on the phone trying to take down some important details and do you think we can find a pen that works?! If you’re sick of cheap pens that run our, or replacing the refills in expensive pens, then this pen is for you…

Why we love it:
  • This pen is made from a special type of metal that is designed to write on any surface, meaning that it’s “inkless” and doesn’t need to be refilled. 
  • This pen comes with a key ring attachment so you can keep it handy with you keys.
  • The compact size of this pen means that it will also easily slip into your handbag. 
  • It’s been carefully made from high-quality materials and comes individually packaged in its own stylish metal tin, so it makes a great gift for the person with everything. 

Today is…Drink Beer Day

It’s a shame that this day falls on a Monday, instead of a Friday or weekend, but it’s a public holiday here in Canberra today…so CHEERS! 🙂

If you need a cool vessel to drink your beer out of today, then these repurposed Corona Beer Bottle Glasses will hit the mark

What’s your favourite type of beer? 
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WEEKLY SPECIAL: iPad Skin Pouch NOW $20 (was $29.95)

It’s no fun when your iPad gets broken or damaged, which is why it’s important to keep it protected in a high quality case. This iPad Skin Pouch has all the protection you need, in a simple design. This style is called “Par Avion”, which is designed to look like a cool French Air Mail package – very Hipster!
Only while stocks last. 

Handmade Wedding Gift of the week: Photograph of the couple’s name

If you’ve ever written your name in the sand before, then you know how easy the first step of creating one on these beautiful pictures is. The trickiest part probably lies in picking the right time/light and angle to photograph it. But, if you can accomplish these steps, then the end result, as you can see, is quite spectacular…
Whilst we don’t recommend going out and carving your or anyone else’s name on the nearest tree or fence, there are professionals like Picture it Personal who can do this for you digitally without harming a single tree (we promise!). 
Why we love it:
  • This is one of the most unique and personalised gift ideas we’ve seen – ever! 
  • You can have a go at making one of these yourself by writing the couple’s name in the sand
  • If you can make one yourself by writing in the sand, the cost is relatively low and the result even more unique. The main cost lies in printing and framing the image. 
  • You can customise the image and make it any size and use any type of frame to suit the couple. 
  • This would also be a great gift idea for a wedding anniversary, milestone birthday or even a newborn gift
Which scene would you pick for your photograph? 
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Handmade wedding card of the week: Tie the Knot

This card is a lovely visualisation of “tying the knot”, and one we think that many couples would love to receive as a handmade wedding card… 

Why we love it:
  • These cotton spools are SO cute and easy to make – they are simply a piece of card cut in the shape of a wooden spool with yarn or wool wrapped around them and then glue to the card. 
  • You could use any coloured yarn here, but two contrasting colours work best to reflect the bride and groom. You could use their favourite colours, or metallic gold and silver would look fabulous too. 
  • You could also play around the with colour of the card – black with white or metallics would be striking, or a cream or natural kraft card would give a more natural/vintage look. 
  • You can write/print any message here. “FINALLY! (congratulations)” is a fun dig at the couple. However, you could write something more sentimental or traditional depending on the personality of the bride and groom and how well you know them.
  • This would be a great choice of card for a crafty bride that likes to sew. 

Gift wrapping idea of the week: Fun bunting

There’s something cheerful and festive about bunting that can put a smile on anyone’s face. This miniature bunting used as part of this gift wrap is no exception when it comes to fun gift wrapping… 

Bunting from acottagelife Etsy shop

Why we love it:
1. It’s bright, fun and festive
2. It would suit any recipient – male, female, young or older. 
3. It’s a great way of using up fabric scraps if you make it yourself. Simply cut your fabric into little triangles and use a sew together with a sewing machine. Or you could purchase it from Etsy shop, acottagelife 
4. You can play around with the theme and colours. You could just use one type of fabric, plain or printed fabric, alternate fabric colours and prints, or use a contrasting coloured or metallic thread.  
5. The bright colours of this bunting look great set against the natural kraft paper used here. 
6. The handwritten message and haphazard way the bunting is wrapped around the gift all add to the handmade charm! 

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Today is…Wife Appreciation Day

Listen up Hubbies, today is Wife Appreciation Day! What does this mean, you ask? 
This is a chance to show your lovely wife how much she means to you, by (fill in the blank with any of the below):

1. Treating her to a romantic mini-break
2. Shouting her a meal at her favourite restaurant
3. Letting her sleep in (mothers will love this one!)
4. Making her unlimited cups of tea/coffee all day
5. Buying her flowers

Ladies, what else would you add to this list? 
We’d love your thoughts – please comment below…