Handmade wedding card of the week: Tie the Knot

This card is a lovely visualisation of “tying the knot”, and one we think that many couples would love to receive as a handmade wedding card… 

Why we love it:
  • These cotton spools are SO cute and easy to make – they are simply a piece of card cut in the shape of a wooden spool with yarn or wool wrapped around them and then glue to the card. 
  • You could use any coloured yarn here, but two contrasting colours work best to reflect the bride and groom. You could use their favourite colours, or metallic gold and silver would look fabulous too. 
  • You could also play around the with colour of the card – black with white or metallics would be striking, or a cream or natural kraft card would give a more natural/vintage look. 
  • You can write/print any message here. “FINALLY! (congratulations)” is a fun dig at the couple. However, you could write something more sentimental or traditional depending on the personality of the bride and groom and how well you know them.
  • This would be a great choice of card for a crafty bride that likes to sew. 

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