Handmade gift of the week: Light bulb Terrariums

This is one handmade gift idea that’s made it to the top of my ‘wish list’ – who wouldn’t love receiving one of these little bulbs of joy?

Image from www.coco29.com 
Why we love it:
  • They look simple to make, and inexpensive with limited materials: bulb, plant, growing medium and string. A word of caution though, choose your bulb carefully. You want a good quality one that doesn’t look like it’s going to crumble in your hand as you’re working with it. We would also recommend wearing a pair of gloves to protect your hand when handling the glass, in case it shatters. 
  • Who doesn’t love plants? This would be a great gift for anyone – men, women, children. You can select your plant and growing medium to suit your recipient. Plain white Perlite or little rocks would be suitable for an adult, but maybe brightly coloured stones and the inclusion of a little toy, like a fairy would make this magic for a child. 
  • You could make a few and cluster them together, like a living mobile in your home or children’s bedroom. This takes the concept of hanging plants to the next level!
  • Terrariums have made a revival lately, so this is a very ‘on trend’ gift and home decorating idea. 

Where would you hang one of these in your home? 
We’d love your thoughts – please comment below…

PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: Kinuya Japan Blue Leather

There are wallets, and then there are wallets. This selection of handmade leather accessories from Japanese brand, Kinuya have a special story behind them…
Kinuya Japan Blue Leather accessories
Why we love Kinuya:
  • The unique blue colour of the leather used for these high-quality accessories is created by dying it with the leaves from the indigo plant (indigofera polygonum). 
  • This dying process, known as “Ai-zome” has been used in Japan since the 5th century.
  • This natural dying process eliminates the need for the use of many chemicals used in leather dying and finishing processes. 
  • Each piece in the Kinuya range is handmade in Japan from high quality leather. 
  • Kinuya’s products can be easily identified by their embossed family crest – a small rabbit.
  • Mr Gift is the exclusive retailer of the Kinuya brand in Australia. 
Kinuya products are:
  • Great gifts for men (or women) who have discerning taste and appreciate high-quality leather accessories
  • Great gifts for the person with everything 
  • Great birthday/anniversary gift

Card of the week: Envelopes on a string

Many people shudder when they think of making a card by hand, but this cute little card is an excellent example of how easy it can be…especially since you can now buy packs of pre-made plain cards from craft shops and discount stores…
You could replace the envelopes with any shapes or letters on the string of this handmade card…
Image from www.nobiggie.net
Why we love it:
These little envelopes look so cute suspended from the twine, but you could use any shape – hearts, or letters to spell a message or someone’s name
The plain kraft card really sets of the colours used on this card. 
The handwritten text, “A little note” gives the card a personalised feel – especially when so many things are printed these days. 

What was the last handmade card you received? We’d love your thoughts – please comment below…

Gift wrapping idea of the week: Toys + gift wrap = FUN!

People often say that little kids have more fun with the box and the wrapping paper that their gift came in, than the gift itself. That would definitely be the case if they received a gift wrapped like this…

Colourful and creative – just the way gift wrapping should be

Why we love this:
  • You’re limited only by your imagination of what you could use here. Check out the toy section of your local variety store for ideas and remember the toys don’t have to be expensive. 
  • The best type of wrapping paper to use here is the plain, inexpensive stuff – that way the toys stand out. 
  • Any dodgy wrapping techniques will be quickly overlooked when you add your “toy”. 
  • This idea can be extended to adults too – why not use some funky drink coasters for a men’s gift, or hair accessories for a female gift.  

What “toys” or accessories would you use? We’d love your thoughts – please comment below…

Handmade gift of the week: DIY Frozen Fruit and Flower Ice Bucket

A bottle of wine is a popular gift that many people will appreciate. However, the trick to gifting a memorable bottle of wine (apart from buying a wine that tastes good) lies in the way it’s presented. This handmade ice bucket would be a wonderful host/hostess gift for a party during the warmer months…

Image from www.ehow.com

Why we love it:
  • It’s easy and inexpensive to make – you just need to allow a little time between each step for the ice to freeze. Here are the instructions on how to make it. 
  • You can choose any combination of flowers, herbs, fruit, or anything else you think will freeze. You could use bright, contrasting colours, or tonal pastel colours, depending on the occasion. 
  • This makes an impressive (and practical) table centre-piece. Imagine this on your Christmas table with gorgeous Christmas colours. If you’ve got time, you could even make two or three to hold different bottles of wine. 
  • You can make any sized bucket – even one to hold multiple bottles. The only limitations are the buckets you have available, and the size of your freezer!
What flowers and fruit would you use in your bucket? 
We’d love your thoughts, please comment below…

Handmade gift of the week: How to use old books

There is an abundance of second hand books at markets and in charity shops these days. The good news is that even the ones that aren’t best sellers can be put to good use – and not by reading them. Here are a couple of crafty ways to turn the pages of old books into a unique handmade gift that your recipient will treasure forever…

These cute hearts would make a great card too

These delicate butterflies would make a delicate artwork for a little girl’s bedroom

Why we love these:
  • These artworks are stylish and timeless
  • This is a great way to recycle old books, or even newspapers
  • You can customise and personalise each artwork, depending on the shapes and colours you choose.
  • Experiment with different coloured/shaped frames – white, black, natural wood, bold red, etc. 
  • How beautiful would these creations look as gift cards and gift tags? The options are endless and limited only by your imagination!
Who would you make one of these artworks for? 
We’d love your thoughts – please comment below…

Card of the week: Balloon Birthday Card

You can’t help but smile when you see the cheerful colours of the balloons on this card and the best thing is that this design is so versatile you could use if for any occasion. 

Why we love it:
  • Who wouldn’t love receiving a cheery, colourful card like this?
  • This card has broad appeal and would suit men, women and children
  • You could adapt this card for any occasion – birthday, anniversary, engagement, new baby, etc. Just change your message to suit. 
  • Your choices are unlimited when it comes to materials and colours. The balloons on this card are bright, plain colours, but you could source printed paper and use tonal colours for a completely different look. 
  • It has a 3D effect – the balloons and their strings are like a collage and give this card a beautiful tactile quality – you can’t help but want to touch it. 

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