Gift wrapping idea of the week: Toys + gift wrap = FUN!

People often say that little kids have more fun with the box and the wrapping paper that their gift came in, than the gift itself. That would definitely be the case if they received a gift wrapped like this…

Colourful and creative – just the way gift wrapping should be

Why we love this:
  • You’re limited only by your imagination of what you could use here. Check out the toy section of your local variety store for ideas and remember the toys don’t have to be expensive. 
  • The best type of wrapping paper to use here is the plain, inexpensive stuff – that way the toys stand out. 
  • Any dodgy wrapping techniques will be quickly overlooked when you add your “toy”. 
  • This idea can be extended to adults too – why not use some funky drink coasters for a men’s gift, or hair accessories for a female gift.  

What “toys” or accessories would you use? We’d love your thoughts – please comment below…

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