BRAND OF THE WEEK: Senz° Umbrellas

Having just walked home on a cold and blustery evening, I can really relate to what Senz° aim to achieve with their innovative umbrella brand. At some point we’ve all experienced the frustration of an unreliable umbrella that:

·         Blows inside out in strong winds
·         Breaks easily, often revealing sharp metal pieces that are dangerous to unsuspecting eyes
·         Leaks
·         Provides poor visibility
Fortunately, help is at hand since Senz° revolutionised the humble umbrella. It all began in 2005 when a young Dutch design student (also frustrated with his unreliable umbrella), questioned why it is that we can get to the moon and back, yet we can’t design one decent umbrella! Determined to find a solution to this problem, he spent months generating ideas and shortlisting designs until finally, the Senz° umbrella was born.
What is the secret to Senz°’s successful design? The asymmetric shape that catches less wind and prevents the umbrella from turning inside out. However, this is not the only difference from a traditional umbrella. Our clever design student didn’t stop there – he added other features such as:
·         Ribs that are hinged at the tips (to ensure they can’t break) so that wind is evenly distributed
·         An aerodynamic design that “slices” through all winds up to 100km/h
·         A light but strong frame that is comfortable to hold
·         UV protection of UPF 50+
·         A smooth opening mechanism that has been integrated with the handle
·         A shape that offers perfect visibility and maximum protection
This winter, we challenge you to bin your old brolly and try the Senz° umbrella. Senz° umbrellas are available in several different sizes including:
1. Senz Mini Umbrella $64.95
2. Senz Original Umbrella $74.95
3. Senz Umbrella XL $99.95

They make the perfect men’s accessory gift for guys that are hard to buy for. Offering the perfect combination of function and design, guys will be fascinated by how the Senz° umbrella works and will love the sleek, contemporary look.

BUY NOW and receive FREE DELIVERY on any Senz° umbrella purchased before 5pm Fri 30 March 2012. Simply enter code SENZ when you place your order.

Five reasons why weather stations are the ultimate gifts for gadget guys

If you haven’t bought one already, a weather station should be at the top of your gift list for guys who love their gadgets. Here are five reasons why they’re the perfect gadget gift:

1.    There are a number of different weather stations available to suit their lifestyle and your budget.
2.    Guys will have fun setting up their weather station and figuring out how it works (as well as using it on a daily basis).  
3.    Many weather stations double as an alarm clock, so they’re a 2-in-1 gadget.
4.    You’ll always be prepared and know what to wear before you leave the house in the morning.
5.    He’ll love reciting the stats from the history record to his mates. Forget the BOM – you’ll have your own live-in weather man!

Check out our new Saxon weather stations that cater for weather novices and professionals alike:

1. Weather Station with wired sensor $49.95
Whatever the weather, be prepared with the Thermo Hygrometer weather station. This sleek looking device is beautifully finished and easy to use. Key features include:
    • Wired sensor that easily measures indoor/outdoor temperature.
    • Weather display, including indoor humidity
    • Hour, minute and second display
    • Time, day, date and month display
    • Alarm with snooze
    • An option of Cº/Fº and 12/24 hour display
    • Operated by 2 x AAA batteries (not included)
2. Weather Station, 8710P3 $99.95
With a few more options than the Weather Station with Wired Sensor, the 8710P3 is a 433MHz wireless weather station that offers excellent value for money, with ample features including:
    • Barometer
    • Time, Day, Date and Month with option of 12 or 24 hour time
    • Moon phase display
    • High, medium & low tide indication
    • Snooze alarm function
    • Perpetual calendar up to year 2099
    • Weather forecast icons with five options: sunny, semi-sunny, cloudy, rainy and cloudburst
    • Indoor / outdoor relative humidity range: 20% – 90%
    • Temperature range: 0°C – 50°C (indoor), 20°C – 60°C (outdoor) with the option of °C / °F display
    • Indoor / outdoor Hygro-thermometer
    • Trend indicator Max / min memory for Hygro-thermometer
    • Outdoor temperature alert function
    • Outdoor Hygro-thermometer from a maximum of 3 different wireless sensors by 433MHz RF transmission.
3. Weather Station, multi-function SA6033

For the serious weather enthusiast, you can’t go past the multi-function weather station. Featuring separate devices that measure rainfall, wind and temperature/humidity the SA6033 delivers an endless source of fascinating data. Featuring all the bells and whistles, this unit includes:

    • Key weather measurements, including: rainfall, wind speed, chill and direction, current dew point and temperature, which are recorded via five channels (three for temp and humidity, one for wind and the other for rain).
    • Comprehensive display information, including:
      1. BAR display in dynamic curve
      2. Pressure measurement
      3. History record and trend display of pressure in the past 12 hours
      4. Max/Min value of indoor and outdoor temperature
      5. Humidity
    • Components within this pack include: wireless sensor, rain gauge, anemometer and weather station display panel.
Additional features include:
    • Radio controlled clock
    • Perpetual calendar with moon phase, RCC (WWWVB, DCF); NO_RCC; Moon phase display
    • LED backlight
    • Alarm with snooze and backlight.

SPECIAL OFFER: Receive FREE DELIVERY on any weather station purchased before 5pm Weds 21 March 2012. Simply enter code WEATHER when you place your order.


Australian brand, Alan Myerson is the brainchild of dynamic design duo, Alan Myerson and Prue Buckley. The Alan Myerson collection features luxurious leather accessories for men and women, as well as Alpaca knitwear and hats. Myerson and Buckley draw inspiration for their collections from exotic locations such as Southern Mexico, the Atlas Mountains of Morocco and the Andes of Peru and Ecuador.

After working for a designer menswear retailer in Melbourne’s prestigious Little Collins Street, Myerson identified a gap in the market for quality men’s accessories. Fifteen years later, Myerson has travelled thousands of kilometres to remote locations to source high-quality materials and gather a talented team of craftspeople and artisans. Myerson is passionate about building strong manufacturing relationships and fair trade practices with local people and communities overseas.

Prue Buckley “believes in creating streamlined, simple pieces that are beautiful and versatile”. With a background in retail and women’s fashion, Buckley understands the importance of fashionable pieces that are designed to last. Buckley’s experience in costume design also helps her design original and beautiful pieces in a variety of materials.  

The Alan Myerson brand works to the simple philosophy of creating “timeless pieces by incorporating a subtle twist to essentially clean design; using skilled craftspeople for production, resulting in quality pieces that can be worn for seasons to come”. In addition to skilled craftspeople, Alan Myerson products are created using high-quality materials and simple tools, which give pieces a “hand-made” feel. The range is jointly designed by Myerson and Buckley in their home on the Victorian coast.

Some of Alan Myerson’s leather products are manufactured locally in Melbourne, whilst others are produced by an offshore manufacturer that Myerson has a built a longstanding relationship with. Top-quality, full-grain skins are sourced from Italy and Japan to ensure product longevity and that they meet Alan Myerson’s high standards.
Mr Gift is proud to support the Alan Myerson brand by stocking their men’s leather accessories and hats.