Handmade gift of the week: Jack Daniel’s soap dispenser

Every home NEEDS one of these soap dispensers – imagine the character that a gorgeous bottle like this would add to your bathroom…

Image from www.curlybirds.typepad.com

Why we love it:

  • The black and white label of this Jack Daniel’s bottle looks timeless and stylish, especially set against a white vanity. You could, however, use any other bottle to suit your bathroom decor. For example, a blue Bombay Sapphire bottle would look great in a blue bathroom, or a green Martini bottle would also make a great statement. 
  • Keep a look out for interesting pumps on soap dispensers in discount or secondhand stores. Metal pumps offer a premium look. 
  • Soap dispensers don’t just belong in the bathroom – this dispenser would also look great at the kitchen or laundry sink, or you could even fill with shampoo, conditioner and body wash for your shower. 

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Handmade gift of the week: Wine bottle and glass holder

If you’ve ever tried to juggle several wine glasses and a bottle of wine at the same time, then you’ll appreciate this handmade gift. This is an essential gift for entertaining at home and outside – simply grab the neck of the bottle and off you go… 

Why we love it:

  • If you’re just getting into woodwork and have a few of the basic tools, this this a great project to try. A simple stain looks great to finish this piece, but you could play around with different paint colours, patterns or even use stencils to decorate your holder – your imagination is the limit!
  • You could personalise this with a message or monogram for the recipient. 
  • This would make a fabulous wedding, engagement or housewarming gift. Add some nice glasses and a bottle of wine to complete the gift! 

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Handmade card of the week: Birthday present card

We love simple handmade cards – I would challenge anyone to make a version of this beautiful card. 

Image from www.jaymamalme.blogspot.com.au

Why we love it:
  • This is a super simple card that anyone (even kids) could make thanks to the easy shapes. 
  • This is a great way of using up left over wrapping paper and ribbon. 
  • This card would suit anyone – man or woman – of any age, depending on the colours and patterns you choose. 
  • You could hand-write or print the ‘Happy Birthday’ text, depending on the look you wanted to go for. 

Gift wrapping idea of the week: DIY Fruit

Fruit isn’t just for eating…it’s also for wrapping presents!

Why we love it:
  • Fruit is bright and colourful – how could anyone not love a gift wrapped in these vibrant colours?
  • Using boxes as the base for this type of wrapping is a great idea, especially when you need to glue on seeds, etc. 
  • Kids (of all ages) will love this type of wrapping – it appeals to their imaginations 
  • The bright primary colours are suitable for a boy or girl recipient. 

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Handmade gift of the week: DIY Charging Station

Most houses have at least one device (mobile phone, tablet, etc.) that needs to be charged on a regular basis. But what happens if you have multiple family members all vying for the same power point? This is a great idea that keeps all of your devices safe whilst they’re charging…

Why we love it:

  • Desk organisers are pretty easy to come by these days, with most discount department stores offering pretty comprehensive and stylish stationery ranges. This is a great way of re-purposing a gorgeous wooden desk organiser. 
  • We particularly love the white-washed wood finish of this desk organiser. 
  • This project very cleverly converts a standard power point into a USB power point, but you don’t need to go to this extent – simply creating a dedicated charging box with cords that remain with the box is a big step in the right direction to get more organised at home. 
  • All your devices will remain charged and ready to go when you leave the house since they have a dedicated spot when you’re at home. You’ll also know where they are – instead of having to hunt around the house for your phone before you go out. 
  • You devices will be protected – no more stepping on a device charging on the floor. 

Gift wrapping idea of the week: Kraft paper with yarn ball

Grab a ball of yarn, some kraft paper and a marker and have some fun with this idea…

Why we love it:
  • Lots of people would have yarn/string, plain paper and a marker lying around at home, so no fancy materials required
  • You’re only limited by your imagination, but if you’re stuck for ideas then this is a cool one. 
  • The red twine looks great against the natural coloured kraft paper. Pick a bold colour that contrasts with your paper if you want you twine design to stand out. 

11 Handmade Gifts from Wine Bottle Corks

I have a collection of corks in my cupboard that I can’t quite bear to throw away because I’m convinced I’ll find something useful to do with them. So I’ve done a bit of research, and this is what I’ve come up with…

1. Cork Tissue Box Holder

Much more stylish than the regular old cardboard tissue box (which is hidden underneath). 

2. Cork Plant Pot or wine bottle holder
A unique type of plant pot or bottle holder that would suit any interior decor. 

3. Cork place-card holders
Don’t forget this one for your next big dinner party or Christmas lunch. Use natural card and write names by hand or use a stamp for a natural look. 

4. Cork USB Sticks
These cork USB sticks definitely make work more fun!

5. Cork Coasters
This is a clever way of re-purposing wine corks into something useful, and beautiful. The different tones of red from the wine add subtle colour to each coaster. 

Image from Etsy store, LizzieJoeDesigns

6. Cork Bath Mat
A lovely soft surface to step out on after a bath or shower. 

7. Cork Plant Labels
A lovely, natural way of labeling your plants and veggies. 

8. Cork Key Rings
A stylish, functional way of keeping your keys together. 

9. Cork Fridge Magnets
These cute magnets would make me want to put more things on my fridge!

Image from www.yapins.com

10. Cork Board
This list wouldn’t be complete without a cork board!

11. Cork Draw Handles
A gorgeous way of adding a unique touch to a renovated bedside table. 

Which idea do you like best? 
We’d love your thoughts – please comment below…

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Handmade card of the week: Simple stripe card

Sometimes the best handmade cards are the simplest…

Image from www.etsy.com

Why we love it:
  • These tonal blue stripes work really well on the green background – this is a great colour choice for a guy. 
  • This would be a great card design to customise for anyone, and for any occasion. Simply change your colour palette and message. 
  • Play around with combinations of printed paper/card or strips of metallic paper for a different look. 
  • Instead of the spots, you could use star stickers, sequins or diamontes for texture and bling.