11 Handmade Gifts from Wine Bottle Corks

I have a collection of corks in my cupboard that I can’t quite bear to throw away because I’m convinced I’ll find something useful to do with them. So I’ve done a bit of research, and this is what I’ve come up with…

1. Cork Tissue Box Holder

Much more stylish than the regular old cardboard tissue box (which is hidden underneath). 

2. Cork Plant Pot or wine bottle holder
A unique type of plant pot or bottle holder that would suit any interior decor. 

3. Cork place-card holders
Don’t forget this one for your next big dinner party or Christmas lunch. Use natural card and write names by hand or use a stamp for a natural look. 

4. Cork USB Sticks
These cork USB sticks definitely make work more fun!

5. Cork Coasters
This is a clever way of re-purposing wine corks into something useful, and beautiful. The different tones of red from the wine add subtle colour to each coaster. 

Image from Etsy store, LizzieJoeDesigns

6. Cork Bath Mat
A lovely soft surface to step out on after a bath or shower. 

7. Cork Plant Labels
A lovely, natural way of labeling your plants and veggies. 

8. Cork Key Rings
A stylish, functional way of keeping your keys together. 

9. Cork Fridge Magnets
These cute magnets would make me want to put more things on my fridge!

Image from www.yapins.com

10. Cork Board
This list wouldn’t be complete without a cork board!

11. Cork Draw Handles
A gorgeous way of adding a unique touch to a renovated bedside table. 

Which idea do you like best? 
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