Top three men’s grooming tips

So the jury’s back in and gentlemen, the general consensus is that there’s no excuse for hair in the wrong places when it comes to men’s grooming. We sought advice from our customers and friends for their top tips on how men can look their best and here are some of our favourite tips…

1. Nose hair is a no-no
Author and professional speaker Jennifer Burrows implores men to maintain their ‘manscape’ with a regular trim of stray hairs. “Gentlemen, please invest in a good quality nose and ear hair trimmer – preferably one that comes with an eyebrow shaping attachment. Bushy is not sexy and nose hair tickles during kissing”.

Trimming those stray hairs is an essential grooming task advises Jennifer Burrows, contributing author of You Can…Live the Life of your Dreams.

After 20 years in business, Sue Ismiel from Australian wax brand Nad’s is an authority on waxing and hair removal, affirming, “Nose hair is such a turn off for women”. After identifying that out-of-control nose hair was a problem for many men, Nad’s developed Nose Wax to target nose hair on the inside of the nose, as well as blackheads on the outside of the nose. “I am so excited about having found a simple way to get rid of unsightly nose hair and in the process have rekindled people’s passion for their partners now that their nose hair is gone!” says Sue.

Remove hair from the inside of the nose as well as blackheads on the outside with Nad’s Nose Wax

2. Exercise caution when removing hair
“Always use a clipper guard when trimming your public area with hair clippers,” advises author of The Vagina Buffet, Tales of a Brazilian waxer, SJ Tierney. Tierney explains: “I was trying to get my husband’s pubic hair as short as possible, so I took the clipper guard off and I accidentally cut his scrotum – it was one of those “not happy Jan” moments”. Ouch!

Tierney also suggests carefully considering where you practice your hair removal. “Never drink and groom, and never allow wax, razors or tweezers at your bucks party!” and don’t forget to consider other members of the household, “If you want to groom in private, remember to keep the door locked”.

“If you want to groom in private, remember to keep the door locked,” advises author SJ Tierney

3. Tweezers are your friend, not foe
Andy Roache from Andy Hair and Makeup, Mooloolaba believes that all guys should have a pair of tweezers in their bathroom draw that aren’t just for removing splinters.

“Guys, even if you’re low-maintenance, when it comes to grooming, there’s one area to give a wee bit of attention to: your eyebrows. Just a bit of a pluck with tweezers can whisk away those wiry strays, or sneaky greys. Why distract from the conversation with an errant brow line? Tweeze with ease!”

Andy Roache from Andy Hair and Makeup says that a pair of tweezers are essential

Thanks to our contributors for sharing their tips and tricks for men’s grooming:

Jennifer Burrows is from Value for Life – creating insanely great presenters who get heard, get their point across and ultimately get what they want and is a contributing author of “You Can…Live the Life of Your Dreams” (due for release 1st December 2012).

Sue Ismiel is founder of Australian brand, Nad’s, specialising in hair removal products, including Nad’s Nose Wax.

SJ Tierney is author of The Vagina Buffet, Tales of a Brazilian waxer. Read more about SJ Tierney’s remarkable (and hilarious) adventures at

Andy Roache is a freelance hairdresser and makeup artist based in Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast.

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My Top Gift Tips – Leanne Cox, Qld

Mr Gift loves hearing about the gift-giving, buying and receiving experiences of our customers and friends. This week we caught up with Leanne from The Grasshoppers Closet, who shared some of her tips…

1. The best gift I ever received was…Tickets to Cirque De Soleil.
2. The top gift on my wish list is…A hot air balloon ride.
3. The best gift I have ever given was…Telling my husband I was pregnant for the first time on his Birthday.
4. The hardest person I have ever had to buy a gift for was/is… my fashion savvy nieces in their early 20s.
5. The best last-minute gift is…Gourmet foods from a Deli, popped in a basket with a bottle of wine.
6. My hot gift buying tip is…Give experiences, food or something recycled – life is for living, not putting on a shelf to collect dust!

Leanne Cox is the founder of The Grasshoppers Closet, a web-based business that developed from Leanne’s passion about going green and selling high quality recycled children’s clothes.

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Peter Maloney is a down-to-earth Aussie bloke and founder of Australian made no-nonsense men’s grooming brand, Beauty Mate. Beauty Mate’s high quality range of skin and hair-care products were designed with busy men in mind. Products are simple and effective to use, so men can complete their “sh*t, shower, shave” routine quickly and effectively. We’re excited to add Beauty Mate’s popular gift pack trio to the Mr Gift range, and are sure you’ll find the perfect grooming solutions for the men in your life:

1. Nude Nut Gift Pack $34.95
The Nude Nut pack is perfect for guys who aren’t fussed about the stuff on top of their head and would prefer to focus their attention on their face with awesome shaving, cleansing and moisturising products. The Nude Nut pack contains:
1 x Moisturiser 100ml
1 x Shave Gel 125ml
1 x Face Wash 150ml

 2. Good On You Gift Pack $39.95
The Good On You Gift Pack is the best of both – hair AND skincare. This pack lives up to its name with three sensational products that will definitely feel ‘good on you’.
1 x Shampoo 200ml
1 x Moisturiser 100ml
1 x Form 100g or Shape 100g


3. Big Boy Gift Pack $59.95
Can’t decide which products he’ll like? The Big Boy Gift Pack has the works – so you don’t need to choose. This is the complete package, offering a selection of hair and skin care products including:
1 x Shampoo 200ml
1 x Conditioner 200ml
1 x Moisturiser 100ml
1 x Shave Gel 100ml
1 x Face Wash 100ml
1 x Form 100g or Shape 100g


In true Aussie spirit, Beauty Mate don’t take themselves too seriously, as demonstrated in the funny video of the grooming routines of men versus women – check it out.

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Do you know a man who needs a wardrobe make-over?

It’s fair to say that most women enjoy shopping for clothes, shoes and accessories (some a little too much!). Women seem to have it made when it comes to reinvigorating their wardrobe and buying new clothes. They have the support of fellow female friends to debate whether or not they can pull of the neon trend, as well as a plethora of magazines dedicated to the latest fashion looks clamouring for their attention.

But what about men? Sure, there are some great men’s mags out there, but you’d sooner see your average bloke at the pub discussing which cleaning products he prefers before deliberating what he should wear to his next business function with his mates. So how do men with an untrained eye put together a wardrobe that works? Enter stylist and personal shopping expert, Sally Mackinnon, founder of Styled by Sally. Sally has over 5 years’ experience working as a full time personal stylist in Melbourne. 

Sally Mackinnon – style guru and founder of Styled by Sally

Mr Gift is proud to have partnered with Sally to offer a personal shopping and styling gift voucher for guys that need a wardrobe shake up. Whether you’re a guy about to embark on a new career and need to sharpen your look, or a dad whose wardrobe needs a bit of TLC, Sally can offer a wealth of advice on outfits to suit your body type, occupation and budget in a fun, non-intimidating environment. You can read more about Sally’s service and BUY GIFT VOUCHERS here.

We had a chat with Sally about what it takes to be a top stylist and learned how her personal shopping and styling service helps her clients, especially guys. Sally also shared some of her top style tips for men this season…

Mr Gift: How did you get in to styling and what qualities do you need to be a stylist?

Sally: After working in Education for 13 years I needed a career change. I decided to follow my passion for fashion and my innate knowledge of style and what suits the body. I took the plunge, registered my business name and embarked on an extensive advertising campaign directed at my target market. So for about 18 months I ‘moonlighted’ as a stylist before building the business to the point that I could resign from my day job…and the rest is history! There are a lot of really imperative qualities you need to be a good stylist, the most important being a good listener. If you don’t listen to your clients’ needs, then you’ll have a dissatisfied client. Also, well organized; most stylists work for themselves, so it’s up to you to do everything, from booking appointments, invoicing, chasing payments, returning emails and phone calls, social media (Twitter/Facebook) and of course preparing for (and following up) the day’s client. This is a very personal job, so you have to be very personable; every day you work with a new client with different needs. You won’t get anywhere as a Personal Stylist if you can’t relate to people on their level.

Mr Gift: When we think of styling we often think of women’s fashion. However, men can also get value from the assistance of a stylist. What benefits can men expect from your styling services?

Sally: Just like women, men too can find shopping stressful and the amount of choices confusing. Men can benefit from a personal stylist in exactly the same way women do. Men can learn what cuts and styles flatter their shape. Although the variety for men is less, men can still get it wrong. I can show a male client how to dress for his proportions so that the clothing he wears creates the right impression. I show men how to update their look and how to put outfits together for a variety of purposes from the corporate office to a first date.
Men are usually pretty matter of fact when it comes to style and shopping, and want decisions made quickly. So my male clients love the efficiency of the Personal Shopping service. In 2-3 hours they’re in and out with all purchases made and their wardrobe sorted until the next season.

Sally’s top tips: “Guys, don’t forget about your shoes!” and “Have some fun with colour” this season.

Mr Gift: What’s the key thing men should focus on when putting together an outfit for themselves?

Sally: Guys, don’t forget about your shoes! Shoes really do make or break an outfit. The most expensive suit can be ruined with the wrong shoes – an out-dated style, scuffed or dirty shoes, or just the wrong style for the outfit. Dress in clothing that flatters your frame. If you’re still wearing oversized shirts and baggy jeans, it’s time to update! Modern cuts of clothing flatter a man’s physique so much better than the shapeless, oversized styles of the 80s and 90s.

Mr Gift: What’s your top style tip for men this season?

Sally: Have some fun with colour. Try a coloured jean or chino instead of the usual blue denim this Spring/Summer. A coloured pant will still work with most men’s shirts, as a navy, light blue, red, grey, white or black shirt are most commonly found in their wardrobes. Avoid wearing coloured jeans with black shoes though; a brown or tan leather shoe is a better choice or otherwise a casual trainer for a relaxed look.

Mr Gift: What’s the best gift you have:
A) ever bought someone?

Sally: I bought my husband a vegetarian cooking course for Christmas.

B) ever received?

Sally: My engagement ring

What’s on in Canberra this October

Canberra has really turned it on this month. The arrival of spring and school holidays has prompted a great selection of garden-focused events, such as Floriade and Tulip Top Gardens Festival, as well as numerous festivals and exhibitions throughout the city.

Here are our top five Canberra events for the week ahead. Even if you don’t live in Canberra these events are definitely worth the drive:

1. Floriade
One of Canberra’s biggest drawcard events. The explosion of colour from an array of over 1 million flowers makes the cold Canberra winters worthwhile. The spectacular gardens are located in the heart of Canberra at Commonwealth Park, and this year is extra special as it’s the 25th anniversary of Floriade. To mark this anniversary, 24 images have been selected from a competition where Australians were encouraged to submit an image to represent each of Floriade’s previous 24 years. In addition to the captivating garden beds, there are also demonstrations, markets, and other fun activities for the whole family. Best of all, entry is free. Don’t miss this one before it closes on 14 October.

The striking spring colours at Floriade are spectacular

2. Tulip Top Gardens Festival
If you enjoy Floriade, then don’t miss Tulip Top Gardens. Located in a hidden valley along the Federal Highway, visitors can enjoy 10 acres of breathtaking gardens comprised of tulips and other magnificent spring flowers, as well as blossom trees and a waterfall. There are plenty of beautiful photo opportunities for families, as well as other family-friendly events such as stalls, live music and other special activities – you can even bring your dog! There is also a nursery if these gorgeous gardens inspire you to get out in your garden. Runs until 14 October.

Get lost in the 10 acres of garden at Tulip Top Gardens

3. The Living Green Festival
Committed to “bringing green and sustainable events and choices to Canberra”, the Living Green Festival is a celebration all things that care for and celebrate our environment.  Visitors can enjoy workshops on topics such as organic gardening, massage and energy use, food demonstrations, free yoga for adults and kids, as well as music on the big stage and market stalls. The Living Green Festival is on Sunday 14 October from 10am-4pm at Albert Hall.

4. Taste It – Canberra’s Food and Wine Festival
As the days grow longer and warmer, we become tempted to leave the cosy comfort of our house. If it’s the prospect of a tasty meal out, then look no further than Taste It, Canberra’s Food and Wine Festival running throughout October and November. Many of Canberra’s bars and restaurants will showcase their culinary delights with special dinners and events. There’s something for everyone; from local produce to tapas with wine and cocktail tastings, or a perhaps five course meal with matching wines tickles your fancy. Check out the Taste It website for the full listing of events.

Treat your tastebuds to Canberra’s culinary delights this October and November

5. Canberra International Riesling Challenge Public Tasting
Consider yourself a Riesling aficionado? Put your nose and tastebuds to the test with Canberra’s International Riesling Challenge Public Tasting this Saturday 13 October. The Tasting (now in its thirteenth year) will include a wide selection of Riesling wines from around the world and is the largest event of its type in the southern hemisphere. In addition to the tasting, there will also be a seminar on Riesling Excellence, hosted by Charles Sturt University on Friday 12 October, followed by a Riesling Masterclass. Visit for further details.