Top three men’s grooming tips

So the jury’s back in and gentlemen, the general consensus is that there’s no excuse for hair in the wrong places when it comes to men’s grooming. We sought advice from our customers and friends for their top tips on how men can look their best and here are some of our favourite tips…

1. Nose hair is a no-no
Author and professional speaker Jennifer Burrows implores men to maintain their ‘manscape’ with a regular trim of stray hairs. “Gentlemen, please invest in a good quality nose and ear hair trimmer – preferably one that comes with an eyebrow shaping attachment. Bushy is not sexy and nose hair tickles during kissing”.

Trimming those stray hairs is an essential grooming task advises Jennifer Burrows, contributing author of You Can…Live the Life of your Dreams.

After 20 years in business, Sue Ismiel from Australian wax brand Nad’s is an authority on waxing and hair removal, affirming, “Nose hair is such a turn off for women”. After identifying that out-of-control nose hair was a problem for many men, Nad’s developed Nose Wax to target nose hair on the inside of the nose, as well as blackheads on the outside of the nose. “I am so excited about having found a simple way to get rid of unsightly nose hair and in the process have rekindled people’s passion for their partners now that their nose hair is gone!” says Sue.

Remove hair from the inside of the nose as well as blackheads on the outside with Nad’s Nose Wax

2. Exercise caution when removing hair
“Always use a clipper guard when trimming your public area with hair clippers,” advises author of The Vagina Buffet, Tales of a Brazilian waxer, SJ Tierney. Tierney explains: “I was trying to get my husband’s pubic hair as short as possible, so I took the clipper guard off and I accidentally cut his scrotum – it was one of those “not happy Jan” moments”. Ouch!

Tierney also suggests carefully considering where you practice your hair removal. “Never drink and groom, and never allow wax, razors or tweezers at your bucks party!” and don’t forget to consider other members of the household, “If you want to groom in private, remember to keep the door locked”.

“If you want to groom in private, remember to keep the door locked,” advises author SJ Tierney

3. Tweezers are your friend, not foe
Andy Roache from Andy Hair and Makeup, Mooloolaba believes that all guys should have a pair of tweezers in their bathroom draw that aren’t just for removing splinters.

“Guys, even if you’re low-maintenance, when it comes to grooming, there’s one area to give a wee bit of attention to: your eyebrows. Just a bit of a pluck with tweezers can whisk away those wiry strays, or sneaky greys. Why distract from the conversation with an errant brow line? Tweeze with ease!”

Andy Roache from Andy Hair and Makeup says that a pair of tweezers are essential

Thanks to our contributors for sharing their tips and tricks for men’s grooming:

Jennifer Burrows is from Value for Life – creating insanely great presenters who get heard, get their point across and ultimately get what they want and is a contributing author of “You Can…Live the Life of Your Dreams” (due for release 1st December 2012).

Sue Ismiel is founder of Australian brand, Nad’s, specialising in hair removal products, including Nad’s Nose Wax.

SJ Tierney is author of The Vagina Buffet, Tales of a Brazilian waxer. Read more about SJ Tierney’s remarkable (and hilarious) adventures at

Andy Roache is a freelance hairdresser and makeup artist based in Mooloolaba, Sunshine Coast.

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