The unusual name behind German pen brand, ‘e+m’ derives from two words: Ehmann + Mümmler. Ehmann founded e+m in 1899 (it was known as Turnery Ehmann back then) and Mümmler is the current CEO and owner of the e+m brand today.

e+m founder, Konrad Ehmann

 Prior to World War II, Ehmann’s company became the largest manufacturer of nib penholders in Germany. Sadly, production was abandoned during the war, with only a few models produced after the war ended. The war resulted in a movement towards technical wood turnings, which e+m continued to focus on and produce after the war.

World War II resulted in a change of direction for e+m and an increased focus on technical wood turning

A desire “to keep the old traditions of classical manufacturing alive and to transform them into the modern production process” motivated Wolfram Mümmler (fourth generation of the founding family) to restart production of these unique writing instruments in 1983. Wooden pens, mechanical pencils, clutch pencils and other office accessories were developed and are now the major product lines. Once again, e+m have firmly established their place as a leading manufacturer of quality writing instruments not just in Germany, but also internationally.

Keeping it in the family: e+m’s current CEO, Wolfram Mümmler is the fourth generation of the founding family and passionate about keeping old traditions alive.

Why we love e+m:
e+m’s high quality products are like an unforgettable dining experience from a five-star restaurant, where only the finest quality ingredients are used. As one customer recently pointed out to us, the thick wooden shaft of e+m writing instruments are beautifully balanced and ideal for people with arthritis or limited movement in their hands and fingers. e+m’s timeless design is unlike anything we’ve come across and we’re confident that e+m’s writing instruments are gifts that will be treasured for many years to come. It’s refreshing to see a return to simple, traditional writing implements in a world dominated by computers, tablets and mobile phones.

e+m’s beautiful range of high quality writing implements

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