HANDMADE GIFT IDEA: Morning Tea Gift Box

Who wouldn’t love receiving a gorgeous box of goodies like this one?

Source: pinterest.com

Customise it for your recipients by:

  • Picking a colour scheme they will love. The neutrals in this one are pretty, but brights or pastels would be equally as lovely
  • Choose treats they will love, such as chocolates, nuts, lollies, marshmallows etc.
  • This would also make a fabulous house-warming gift, or gift for someone who needs cheering up:-)
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HANDMADE GIFT IDEA: Breakfast Basket

I don’t know many people who wouldn’t love breaky in bed on their birthday or anniversary, and this gift basket would definitely make a one fancy breakfast! We love the pre-made Gingerbread pancake mix, as well as the idea of luxury cured meat, a beautiful maple syrup and bubbles. This would also make a memorable housewarming gift:-)

Source: https://curlyqpaper.blogspot.com.au/2014/12/pancake-breakfast-gift-basket.html

HANDMADE GIFT IDEA: Cordless Drill Storage and Charging Station

Ok, so this one requires a few more woodworking skills than other DIY projects, but what an awesome idea! We love that everything is kept together on the wall, rather than the workbench or floor – and it looks great! I reckon we all know someone who’d love one of these:-)

Source: www.hertoolbelt.com


Source: Pinterest
We’re absolutely loving this handmade rope sign, because…
  • You get to go nuts with a glue gun!
  • It’s cheap and easy to make (depending on how fancy you want to go!)
  • You can customise the look with bright or natural rope, or wood or another material as the background.
  • You can customise your word or message, depending on the recipient.
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Who wouldn’t love receiving a basket of these brightly coloured stones…
Why we love them:
  • These are so bright and fun they’d cheer anyone up!
  • They’d look great as a decorative piece on the coffee table or bookshelf, or even in pot plants or placed randomly around the garden. 
  • They are fun to make with kids
  • They are the perfect gift for the person with everything
  • You can personalise them with any message
  • You could make as many or as few as you’d like, or even make a new one to add to the collection each year. 

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