8 Christmas Advent Calendar Ideas

If you have kids, chances are you haven’t been able to escape opening a Christmas advent calendar or two today! If you’re feeling a little disappointed with the lolly-ladden commercial calendars on the market at this time of the year, here are a few beautiful alternatives you can customise to suit anyone, of any age…

1. Hanging Envelopes

This stylish option can be customised to suit your recipient by simply changing the colour scheme. You could also use plain kraft paper bags for an inexpensive option, and decorate with stickers to introduce colour.

2. Christmas Crackers

Everyone loves pulling a Christmas cracker, especially when they as cute as these ones! Make your own, or take the easy option by purchasing some quality pre-made ones from the shops and add your numbers.

3. Christmas stockings

Who could resist these cute little stockings? If you sew you could make these from cool Christmas fabrics, but the easiest option is making them from felt (stitching or gluing them together) and going to town with the embellishments. The kids would have fun making them too:-)

Source: https://redtri.com/kids-advent-calendar/slide/10

4. Hanging Pots

As a keen plant enthusiast, this is one of my favourite options – I would fill each pot with a plant! But you can of course fill your pots with anything you like. You can write the numbers on with a white marker, chalk, or use stickers.

5. Little boxes

How cute are these! The graphic black and white patterns are a refreshing, contemporary alternative to the standard Christmas colour palette of red, green, gold and silver.

6. Re-purposed shoe organiser

A shoe or accessory organiser has never looked better when repurposed into this stylish advent calendar. This one will stand the test of time and can be folded up and used year after year. Simply stencil, write, or glue the numbers on in any colour you choose.

7. Wrapped presents

This particular example uses library books (genius!) as an inexpensive, clutter-free gift option, but you could of course wrap anything you like and number. We also love the use of kraft paper, which sets off the colourful number cards. You could also reuse the cards again next year.

Source: gluesticksblog.com

8. Box of numbered envelopes

This is a very organised way of presenting your advent calendar. Whilst this wouldn’t work for larger gifts, you could fill these envelopes with inspiring messages, cards, or stickers. I love the idea of systematically picking an envelope each day and placing the previous ones at the back.

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Anyone remember doilies? You know, the decorative pieces of lace grandma used to have under every lamp and on every side table? If you have any of these stashed away, these lace mason jar candle holders are a great way to repurpose them and create a vintage look in your home. You could also use these jars as pretty storage vessels.

Source: https://usefuldiyprojects.com/22-mesmerizing-homemade-diy-lace-crafts-to-beautify-your-home/

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HANDMADE GIFT IDEA: Personalised gardening gloves

This is a thoughtful gift for parents or grandparents who like to garden. Accompany them with this poem and you’re guaranteed to have them in tears!

The poem reads: “See these gloves daddy? They don’t fit me just yet, my handprints are on them so you never forget. I’m only small for a little while, So remember my hands and remember my smile. I love you daddy, with all my heart. No matter how much I grow, we will never grow apart.”

Source: Pinterest

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I’m a huge fan of giving plants as gifts, here’s why:
1. There’s something special about being entrusted with a living gift.
2. They’re inexpensive – you can pick up a small plant at a nursery for under $5
3. You can gift them in a beautiful pot – there are plenty of cute options on the market…or you can make your own!

Here are a few ideas to get you started..

1. Shell pot

If you or the kids have collected lots of shells from walks on the beach, this is how to put them to good use! Shells in their natural form give pots a beach-house vibe (especially when teamed with terracotta pots), but you could also paint them (metallic colours are pretty) for a different look.

Source: www.marthastewart.com

2. Spot pots

If you want to paint a pot, it doesn’t get much easier than spots. You can customise you colours to suit your recipient, but black and white, as well as tonal greys are contemporary and would suit most décor.

Source: Pinterest

3. Button pots

Ditto to the shells, if you have a stash of buttons this is an excellent way to showcase them, rather than keeping them hidden away in your button jar.

Source: Pinterest

4. Twig pot

This is probably one of the most cost effective ideas for pot decoration as twigs can be foraged for free! Attach them with a hot glue gun for speed/ease, and finish off with natural twine or hessian ribbon for an organic look.

Source: https://craftgawker.com/page/2714/#57050

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HANDMADE GIFT IDEA: Morning Tea Gift Box

Who wouldn’t love receiving a gorgeous box of goodies like this one?

Source: pinterest.com

Customise it for your recipients by:

  • Picking a colour scheme they will love. The neutrals in this one are pretty, but brights or pastels would be equally as lovely
  • Choose treats they will love, such as chocolates, nuts, lollies, marshmallows etc.
  • This would also make a fabulous house-warming gift, or gift for someone who needs cheering up:-)
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