This is a really effective way of creating a simple handmade Christmas card. You don’t even have to be good at sewing – just mark up your card, thread your needle and away you go!


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The best Christmas gifts for acquaintances

Every year I purchase little Christmas gifts for the nine lovely ladies in my book club. Since we only meet once a month, they are not part of my close friend circle, but I have known these ladies for long enough to call them good friends. Nine gifts can easily blow my Christmas gift budget, so I have to be smart about how much I spend. This annual conundrum made me think about all the other people we want to demonstrate our gratitude for at Christmas with a thoughtful gift. There are teachers, day-care staff, work colleagues, the cleaner, the personal trainer/fitness instructor, neighbours…and the list goes on! Here are some simple, cost effective gift ideas that will hopefully make their Christmas a bit more special. 

1. Home-made treats
The last couple of year I’ve made Rocky Road, Shortbread, and Rum Balls for my book club friends. This is cost effective and fun (especially for my kids, who LOVE to help!). Part of the value of edible gifts is in the packaging – think cellophane bags tied with tinsel and baubles, little boxes or jars decorated with Christmas stickers or other inexpensive decorations. The options are endless! The only thing to be aware of are allergies. One year a friend made me homemade bath salts, which was essentially Epsom salts mixed with essential oil – they were divine! 

2. Plants
A couple of years ago the book club ladies, day-care team, school teachers and other friends each received a little succulent plant grown from cuttings from my garden. This takes some preparation as I had to start growing these a few weeks before, but well worth the effort. Everyone loved them and they don’t need much water – perfect for non-green thumbs. They also grow as indoor or outdoor plants. People still proudly let me know their plant is still alive! 

If you don’t have any plants to take cuttings from, or need a plant in a hurry, a quick trip to your local garden centre is in order. If you need multiple gifts, grab a cost-effective punnet of plants and re-plant into their own little pots (which you could decorate if you have time). You can pick up six plants in a punnet for as little as $4. Alternatively, packets of seeds are also fun and cost effective gifts. Plants are an eco-friendly gift that keeps giving!

3. Handmade Christmas ornaments
If you have the time, handmade Christmas ornaments are a fun, festive gift idea. Your recipient can pop them on their Christmas tree, or decorate their workspace or other areas of the home with them. Simple ideas are felt shapes i.e. a Christmas tree, snowman, candy canes, etc. decorated with diamantes or other Christmas-related trimmings, pinecones sprinkled with glitter, or foam baubles covered in pom poms, glitter or sequins. The kids will love getting involved too. 

4. Bottle of wine
So the thing with booze is that you want to make sure your recipient drinks. Even if you’re not sure if they like wine or not, they can always share the bottle or take it to dinner at a friend’s house.  But if they don’t drink at all – for religious or personal reasons…well that’s just a bit awkward! 

Once you’ve established if they drink, opt for a style of wine with broad appeal, like a Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc. If you’re lucky enough to live in a wine region, pick something local – especially if you’ve been to that winery before – it’s more personal. Budget permitting, buy a six-pack or a case and stash a couple of bottles somewhere dark and cool as an “emergency/last-minute” gift. 

5. Box of Chocolates
The classic box of chocolates is the perfect crowd-pleasing gift… “What to bring when you’re told not to bring a thing!” The trick with choccies is buying them when they’re on special and keeping them in the fridge or somewhere cool at home. The supermarkets heavily discount boxes of chocolates regularly, so stock up accordingly. Another perfect last-minute gift option. 

6. Stationery
We’re spoiled for choice these days when it comes to beautiful, affordable stationery. Officeworks, Target, and Kmart are great places to start for sourcing lovely notebooks, journals, pens and desk accessories in on-trend prints and colours. Stationery also makes a great gift for men, women and kids…you can never have enough blank notebooks!

Hopefully these ideas will give you some inspiration for those thoughtful, inexpensive Christmas gifts. Now to finish your gift list…

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Secret Santa Gifts
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Wishing you all a happy and safe Christmas,
Courtney and the Mr Gift Team

Man Law Glow in the Dark Meat Gauge
1. MAN LAW Meat Gauge with Glow in the Dark Dial $9.95
Now you can BBQ at anytime of the day – even at night!
2. Go-Comb
Tame your mop, then crack a beer – all with one cool gadget. 
3. Golf Bag Cufflinks $24.95
Golf enthusiasts will appreciate this fun set of cufflinks – they can dream about their favourite pastime, especially if they’re having a hard day at work!
15 Piece Tool Set
4. 15 Piece Toolset $19.95
A great tool set doesn’t need to consist of a large, heavy box with lots of different tools.
This 15 pc Essential Tool Set has plenty of different options to help you complete a variety of jobs.


Keep Calm BandAid Kit
5. Keep Calm BandAid Kit $11.95
The perfect gift for the accident-prone. 
Beer Microfibre Tea Towel
6. Microfibre Tea Towel $24.95
Beer. As it should be in every Aussie household. 
Men's 2nd Skin Gardening Gloves
7. Men’s 2nd Skin Gardening Gloves $22.85
Protect your paws in the garden this summer. The secret behind the ‘2nd skin’ fit lies in the use of Lycra and goatskin materials and high quality construction. 
30 Day Challenge Activity Box
8. 30 Day Challenge Activity Box $29.95
Straight-up, I can think of about 10 different people I could buy one of these boxes for…especially the hard-to-buy-for peeps! And really, who wouldn’t want to feel happier, get fitter, cook and love better, take better pics, and just slow the heck down?!
Fitkick Folding Cap
9. Fitkick Folding Cap $29.95
No summer holiday suitcase is complete without this space-saving folding cap. 
Guitar Multitool
10. Guitar Multitool $9.95
Don’t get caught without a bottle opener again with this handy 4-in-1 multitool that includes a:
  • Bottle opener
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Key ring

Six cute button Christmas decoration ideas

Buttons aren’t just for clothes…they also make adorable Christmas decorations! Here are a few of our favourite ideas…

1. Stacked Button Trees
This is a great way to use up all those random buttons you can’t find a home for. The tonal coloured buttons are great, but our favourite is the rainbow tree…who doesn’t love a rainbow Christmas tree?! 

2. Button Wreath
Wreaths are an easy decoration to make, provided you have enough buttons. We love these tonal green colours, but as above with the Christmas tree, rainbow colours are also eye-catching. Metallic ribbon also goes with any coloured buttons. 


3. Button Snowflake Cushion

Ok, ok, so this one would take a bit more time and skill actually sewing on the buttons (although you could cheat with a glue gun!). But any effort is well-worth the reward for this beautiful piece. We also love the tonal pearl buttons, which are easy to get hold of and look amazing. 


4. Button Snowmen
Who knew that buttons would make such perfectly formed little snowmen?! We love the contrast of these against the blue felt, as well as the little accessories that give them personality. Simply glue them on if sewing’s not your thing. 


Source: Source:

5. Button Wreath #2
This pretty button wreath might not hang on your Christmas tree, but it does make a gorgeous wall decoration. This design would also look great as a cushion, like the snowflake above. We love the use of the deep red colours with the green – tasteful all the way!


6. Button Christmas Tree #2
These cute popsicle stick Christmas trees are so easy to make that the kids could do them. If you don’t have enough buttons, sequins would also work too. Grab your glue gun and get creative!


We hope these ideas inspire you to get your button box out!

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This simple wreath is made from rosemary and natural twine. Rosemary is a great choice, as many people have it in their gardens and it smells great, but you could use any other herb or foliage. You could also use a bright satin ribbon instead of twine to add some colour to your table. These wreaths would also make beautiful as place markers at anytime of year on your table – simply add a card with your guest’s name.
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We love the simplicity of threading some gorgeous ribbon through these simple Christmas tree shapes. You could cut the trees out of old Christmas cards, and play around with different Christmas ribbon, such as printed ribbon, or even metallic colours. The brown paper is inexpensive and provides a nice neutral base colour.
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Gifts For Overseas Friends And Family

Aussie-inspired Gifts 
Perfect for friends and family overseas

If you’re fed up of running around last-minute looking for Christmas gifts to post to friends and family overseas, then look no further! Mr Gift has some beautiful, uniquely Australian gifts that will make your overseas friends and family smile when they open them this Christmas. These gift ideas are also small and lightweight, so won’t break the bank when it comes to postage either.  

If it’s just a card you’re after, we can help with that too! Check out our beautiful new range of greeting cards from a range of talented Australian and English artists. New titles are being added everyday. 

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Here are a few of our favourite Aussie-inspired gift ideas

The Game Leather Cricket Wallet
1. The Game Leather Cricket Wallet $129
Cricket fans, near and far will love this unique wallet. It is definitely a gift that will attract attention and start a conversation! Also available in black.   
2. The Little Veggie Patch Co Guide to Backyard Farming, BOOK 2 $45
The Little Veggie Patch boys have done it again in their second book, which focuses on growing vegetables in pots and homemade window boxes, or maybe even building your own vertical garden if space is tight! Packed with great tips and fun ideas – the perfect gift for a gardening enthusiast looking for a bit of inspiration.
Australian Bushland Print Shower Cap
3. Australian Bushland Print Shower Cap $29.95
Look your best, even when you’re in the shower with these cool printed shower caps. They are made from quality cotton fabric with a PVC inner lining for simple cleaning. They are also compact and light-weight, soperfect to post overseas. 
Mircofibre Travel Towel
4. Microfibre Travel Towel $84.95
Share our nation’s love of Vegemite with overseas friends and family! This handy travel towel is soft, super absorbent, lightweight and quick-drying. Made in Melbourne by Aussie company KE Designs, (who started life making microfibre lens cloths for the optical industry) these travel towels feature unique designs with an Aussie flavour.


Microfibre tea towel
5. Microfibre Tea Towel $24.95
No one loves an ice-cold beer more than an Aussie, which is always fun to remind our overseas friends and family! These cloths are perfect for drying and cleaning crockery, glassware, and cutlery because the microfibre fabric effortlessly removes smears, watermarks, and fingerprints. This makes the drying process quicker and easier than ever before so you can spend less time at the sink! They are also compact and light-weight and perfect for overseas postage. 
Microfibre Cushion Cover
6. Microfibre Cushion Cover $58.95
Soft cushion covers that you just want to snuggle are a must in every household. We adore these microfibre cushion covers from KE Design, not only for their soft finish, but also their cool designs. This gum blossom print is a stunning example, and uniquely Australian. 
Australia is an Old Garden Greeting Card
7. ‘Australia is an Old Garden’ Greeting Card $5.95
This intriguing original Australian greeting card features the iconic work of Rafael Saldana. This card is like the Aussie version of Where’s Wally. Each time you examine the Saldana’s exquisite work, you will spot something you hadn’t noticed previously. His work is truly fascinating and is guaranteed to draw you back, again and again. A fantastic card for Australian wild-life enthusiasts, as well as a unique card to send to friends and family overseas.
Proteas in Red Vase Greeting Card
8. ‘Proteas in Red Vase’ Greeting Card $5.95
Proteas have become very popular in floral arrangements in recent years, due to the broad range of colours and forms available. Peggy Shaw has been inspired by their beautiful shape and colour in this work, ‘Proteas in Red Vase’ – a marvellous showcase of Australian native flora. The perfect card for any flower or gardening enthusiast.
At the Beach Greeting Card
9. ‘At the Beach’ Greeting Card $4.95
This gorgeous seaside scene is typical of Claire McKellar’s signature impressionistic style. The striking blue tones used in this work capture the Australian coastal lifestyle at its best. 
Australian Feathertail Glider Greeting Card
10. ‘Australian Feathertail Glider’ Greeting Card $5.95
This Australian Feathertail Glider will make everyone fall in love with Australian animals – who could resist those big, beautiful eyes?! Show overseas friends and family the beauty of Australian wildlife with this stunning Lyn Cooke greeting card.
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