Handmade gift of the week: Love Map anniversary or wedding gift

Wedding or anniversary gifts can be tough to come up with, which is why we fell in love with this unique gift idea as soon as we saw it…

Why we love it:

  • This is a really touching gift that we reckon would bring a tear of joy to most eyes – it shows how much you treasure the little details, such as where you met. 
  • It’s easy and inexpensive to make – there’s even a tutorial you can follow here. 
  • You can completely customise your frame to suit your partner or house. This frame has a rustic, shabby-chic look to it, but a chunky modern frame in black or white would look good with black and white maps. 
  • Use a scanner or a photocopier to resize your maps to fit your frame. 
  • The first wedding anniversary is paper (according to the US list), so this would be a great paper wedding anniversary gift idea. 

Can’t remember what the themes are for each wedding anniversary? Remind yourself with this handy wedding anniversary list

What maps would you have on your Love Map? 
We’d love your thoughts – please comment below…

The Best Wedding Gift Ideas…Ever! (from real people)

It was a simple question: 

“What gift would you GIVE or like to RECEIVE as a wedding present?”

The response was astounding – over 80 of our Facebook Fan’s answered this question with some great ideas, all of which we’ve shared with you below. So if you’ve got a wedding coming up, and you’re stuck for a gift idea, you might find the perfect wedding gift idea below…

Something for the home…

  • “I like to give and receive old china tea cups (and a gift from Mr Gift of course!)”
  • “I would love to receive something for the home.”
  • “I love to give Waterford Crystal, timeless & useful!” 
  • “I would love to give Tupperware”
  • “I would like to give or receive some homewares products: dinner sets, cutlery, vases – beautiful items to make the home look lovely.”
  • “I’d love to receive a pair of silver candlesticks.”
  • “I’d give the best crystal glassware that I could afford…trouble is that these days most brides and grooms ask for money.”
  • “Something for the home. I received many wonderful gifts at my wedding.”
  • “I’d love to give a Royal Doulton Tea Set!!!
  • “Wish I could give good health and eternal happiness for wedding gifts and am thinking a lovely metal storage box with chalk panel would make a great kitchen tea present.”
  • “Crystal always is a fav of mine to give. Something they can use and have forever.”
  • “A food hamper”
  • “I would definitely love this ice bucket (http://www.mrgift.com.au/homewares/ice-buckets/cantina-classico-ice-bucket-with-ring-handles.html) to chill the champagne for our celebrations.”
  • “I love to give a complete cutlery set – so that each time it’s used, it is a reminder of how much the couple is loved by me (by giving something that is used every day).”
  • “Depends on the couple. If they are young couple setting up home for the first time something practical like cake tins and Pyrex dishes. Anyone older – something off their Wedding Register or Gift Cards.”
  • “A cutlery set. A lasting and practical gift which will also bring memories when it is used.”
  • Cantina Serenissima Ice Bucket to put my champagne in to celebrate each anniversary after.”
  • “I’d be grateful for any gift…even a toaster!”
  • “Splades or sporks – very handy for eating with.”
  • “A clock!”

Cantina Serenissima Ice Bucket from www.mrgift.com.au 


  • “There are so many beautiful things out there to give. I would choose something beautiful, lasting and a visible presence for years to come, such as a painting.”


  • “I would gift beautiful vases and picture frames to make their house look like a home.”
  • “Vases are beautiful to give or something for the home.”
  • “Beautiful glasses or vases, so they would have memories many years later.”
  • “I would like to gift or receive beautiful crystal vases for keeping fresh flowers in.”


  • “I like to give linen in the recipients colour choice. I would like to receive the same.”
  • “Personalised embroidered towels – something unique something to keep.”
  • “1000 count sheets”
  • “I would like to give or receive beautiful bed linen.”

Something indulgent…

  • “A couple’s hamper filled with chocolates, champagne, candles…Netflix subscription lol”
  • “I’d like to receive a MAGNUM of Dom Perignon Champagne!”
  • “I would give a pamper pack voucher for both of them to use together. Wedding planning can be so stressful. So some pamper time after the wedding would probably be well deserved.”
  • “Champagne, candles and a massage package.”
  • “I’d love to receive a day spa for two or a weekend away.”
  • “A day of pampering, maybe a day spa for myself and my partner…or for the bride and groom.”
  • “A couple’s massage. A great way to relax and unwind after the big day!”
  • “We would give the blushing bride and groom something playful that they can use in the bedroom to keep the spark burning stronger and brighter with each passing day, week, month, and year.”

Cash or vouchers

  • “Gift certificates or cash. Yes I know, boring.”
  • “A gift card.”
  • “Cash is always good or gift cards.”
  • “I think gift cards to homewares stores and Bunnings are great wedding gifts – a great way to set up house together.”
  • “Voucher to Bunnings or a homewares store!”
  • “Money. Our tradition is money for weddings.”
  • “Money seems to be the latest trend so they can buy or use it in whatever way they like. I actually like to buy a gift and it’s normally something useful as well as money.”
  • “I think people appreciate gift cards, because to be honest, we’ve all been given things we simply can’t use or don’t like.”

Photos and frames

  • “My favourite gift I received was a Harvey Norman photo shop voucher to get one of our wedding photos put on canvas, was such a thoughtful and awesome present so I do the same when I go to a wedding.”
  • “I would give this: Waterford Crystal Lismore Lace Frame.” 
  • “Photo frames are always useful and I always seem to buy more as years go on, so for me that is an excellent gift to give or receive.”
  • “A beautiful picture frame for our wedding photo!”
  • “Photo Frames as a wedding present would be heavenly to have our special snaps displayed on our wall.”
  •  “I would love picture frames too keep memories alive.”
  • “I’d love candid pics from our wedding day on a disc so we can enjoy from our guests point of view.”
  • “Black Photograph storage.”
  • “Linen/photo frames.”
  • “Memory storage e.g. box , tin etc.”
  •  “An album full of photos – historical and of the wedding day.”
  • “A crystal photo frame to place a picture of our wedding day so we could look at the picture and always remember our day.”
  •  “I love to give silver frames so the married couple can display lovely pictures of the big day!”
  • “A wedding photo album is the gift I would give.”
  • “A beautiful photo frame, or money if they have requested it.”


  • “Round the world plane ticket…. Business class of course – but really, I would be happy with a toaster!”
  • “I would give a travel gift card and would also like to receive this as well.”
  • “Gorgeous crystal glasses – a gift to last a lifetime and a beautiful reminder of a truly special day!”
  • “A holiday!”
  • “A caravan”
  • “Might be hoping for too much, but I couldn’t receive a better present than plane tickets to Paris!”

Handmade/personalised gifts

  • “A replica cake keyring or ornament (business in USA makes replicas of your wedding cake into ornaments or a mini one for your keyring) to remind us of the day we became one. They’re also on Etsy but they are costly. A girl can dream!”
  • “Personalised gift with engraving on it, to look back at.”
  • “I would love to get something homemade/ from the heart and I love to give these sort of gifts too.”

Donations to charity

  • “I would be happy enough to receive “best wishes” for a successful marriage from my guests or money to an animal charity.”


  • “Definitely something sentimental.”
  • I’d give the gift that means the most to the couple. It depends on the individuals on the gifts I give. A sentimental sap I am.”
  • “Something from the heart”
  • “I’d like to receive a lifetime of happiness!”
  • “I think your Manly List Notebook will make for wedded bliss! Keeping the Groom under control!”
  • “My brother’s wedding next week. My husband is part of the navy. My brother once told me ‘I think women and seamen don’t mix,” after meeting him. I think I’ll bring my husband to the wedding and show him what mixes.”
  • “More than presents, I’d prefer the presence of my friends and family.”
The Brightside Manly List Notebook from www.mrgift.com.au

So there we have it – an amazing wedding gift ideas list with suggestions of what lots of different people (men and women) would love to receive. Hope this has been helpful!

What is you favourite gift idea? 
We’d love your thoughts – please comment below…

Winning Wedding Gifts they’ll Cherish

Wedding gift ideas
We were living overseas when we got married and opted for the very boring and predictable ‘wishing well’ (cash) option instead of wedding gifts. However, some of our guests couldn’t get past the cash-only concept and insisted on buying a gift, and to be honest, I’m pretty glad they did.

Fast-forward 10 years and we’re back home. I’m finally going through boxes we stored post-wedding and stumble across a set of neutral coloured sheets. Perfect timing – and perfect colour – as the week before I had put out a similar set of sheets that had worn out. Winning wedding gift! So take it from me, wedding gifts can come in very handy.

To get you through the wedding season, we’ve picked out ten of our popular wedding gift ideas below…

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The Little Veggie Patch Co Guide to Backyard Farming
1. Cantina Classica Champagne Bowl $159.95
This stunning stainless steel champagne bowl will be the show-stopper at every dinner or partythe happy couple host. No more plastic tubs or an Esky filled with ice!
Cantina Master Decanter
2. Cantina Master Decanter $99.95
If your couple enjoy their wine, then a good quality decanter would be a fantastic gift so they can decant and enjoy a special bottle of wine. The Master Decanter is a great shape – the wide base ensures it’s stable on a table and offers more surface area to open up your wine
Rosanna Trays
3. Rosanna Trays from $16.95
A set of these trays would look great in any house and brighten up a table for a party or special dinner. 
Sophisti-Case Globus Luxury Lacquered Box
4. Sophisti-Case Globus Luxury Lacquered Box $249.95
A stunning box like this one will for many years and is something your couple could pass onto their children. It’s really versatile and can be configured to store your special treasures in lots of different ways. 
Jonathan Adler Jet Set porcelain coasters
5. Jonathan Adler Jet Set porcelain coasters $64.95
I don’t think you can ever have too many coasters, because they’re great to swap around and create different looks depending on your mood. Plus they’re small and don’t take up much space to store when you’re not using them. This vibrant set of coasters reminds us of exotic overseas holidays. 
Atmosphere Full Circle Globe
6. Atmosphere Full Circle Globe $249.95
Globes inspire our imagination by allowing us to dream of all the wonderful places we could go. The great thing about this globe is that when you’re not planning your next adventure, it doubles as a lamp to softly illuminate a room
Gentlemen's Hardware Cocktail Shaker
7. Gentlemen’s Hardware Cocktail Shaker $29.95
A cocktail shaker is a great gift for a couple who love to entertain, especially one as glamorous as this – James Bond would be jealous!
Karlsson Wall Clock
8. Karlsson Wall Clock Floating Stripes Steel $74.95 
I can still picture the clock that hung in our kitchen when I was growing up. A clock is a ‘timeless’ wedding gift (pardon the pun!) that will get used everyday when it’s hung on the wall in a family room or kitchen. 
MAN LAW Stainless Steel BBQ Tools Set
9. MAN LAW Stainless Steel BBQ Tools Set, 3 piece PLUS BONUS $49.95 
Lots of people love to BBQ, but ‘make do’ by using kitchen utensils. Treat your bride and groom to the right tools for the job with this high-quality BBQ set from MAN LAW – it will last for years. 
Joseph Joseph No-Spill Salt and Pepper Mill
10. Joseph Joseph No-Spill Salt and Pepper Mill $69.95
Every house needs a good quality salt and pepper mill and this Joseph Joseph Mill ticks all the boxes for style and function, making it a fantastic wedding gift. 

How to Buy a Wedding Gift: What to buy and things to consider

Are you a wedding guest veteran or novice? 

If you haven’t been to many weddings before, then buying a wedding gift can be a daunting process. We recently interviewed some of our nearest and dearest Facebook fans to get their ideas on buying a wedding gift. Below they’ve shared some of their experiences on buying and receiving wedding gifts. Sources have been kept confidential, which we think makes for more honest (and humorous) answers. 

Hopefully this will give you some ‘food for thought’ the next time you need to buy a wedding gift…

1. What is the best gift you have ever bought and/or received as a wedding gift?

“Best gift we received was a knife block

“A handmade Scottish Highland fur rug and a bottle of wine that was made in the year my husband and I started dating! These were our favourite pressies because they were so thoughtful and unique.”

“A family member was after an expensive painting for their house and all wedding guests had the choice of contributing towards it. For my own, I set up a honeymoon fund for guests to contribute towards.”

“Received a handmade wooden sculpture of our names with heart between. I have given a handmade wooden sculpture of couple’s initials.”

“Received a tall glass vase. Very versatile and timeless. Currently holding my wedding bouquet. And photos in beautiful frames. Actually our favourite gift is a bronze horse riding sculpture with two horses and two riders with a plaque saying ‘two trails lead to one’.”

A good-quality Knife Block set is a lovely wedding gift idea for couples who like to cook

2. What things do you consider when buying a wedding gift?

“While nice/fancy gifts were great, we rarely see/use them, so the best gifts were the more practical things that we use daily (such as dinner sets, cutlery).”

“Sounds bad but when considering what to buy we sometimes go off what they gave us. If they only bought us a photo frame why should get them a $200 voucher etc?”


How close we are to the couple and type of wedding it is (big or small)”

“Consider my own financial circumstances at that time, how close these people are to me and if I’m invited to all of the wedding or just the evening etc.”

Interests, home decor style, price, needs

A stylish ice bucket would make a timeless wedding gift, especially if the couple like to entertain. 

3. Gift or cash? If given the choice, would you give a gift or cash at a wedding and why?

Cash is easy but I hate those stupid ‘pay for our honeymoon’ poems. My best friend’s mother once said ‘I’m not giving them money to sit on a beach and drink cocktails’.”

Cash – these days most couple live together before getting married so they already have all the homely items they want.”

I think cash as you are not limited to where you can spend it, unless there was a gift card that could be used at multiple stores, which they have here in the UK”

I would rather receive cash but when I give, it is always a gift as I find cash impersonal!”

Cash (sorry not good for business)”

When in doubt give cash – if you have two amounts in your head, always pick the higher one

4. What is your budget for a wedding gift and how do you work this out?

Budget is around $50 – $100 depending on how close I am to them, and what I got them for their engagement”

Budget is also based on the old $50 each for drinks and $50 each for meal. So when I’m pregnant we are only likely to budget say $150. Budget also is based on how close we are to them.”

“Close family & friends = $100-$150, other family and friends = $75-$100

About $100, depending on venue and if it’s adults only invite or entire family invite.”

Budget based on my own cash flow at the time etc. Same answer as number 2.”

“We usually give about $100 or more depending on the closeness of their relationship to the wedding couple. We also consider the cost of the venue and potential cost of our meals/drinks and entertainment for the night. We try to cover the cost of having us there as a guest plus some extra as a gift for them.”

5. What wouldn’t you buy as a wedding gift? 

“Worst gifts were serving plates (as yes you can have TOO MANY) and a designer fruit bowl that doesn’t match our house at all.”

“I wouldn’t buy art – it’s something’s that’s very personal”


“Most weddings I’ve been to have a gift register and I choose items that will last for years to come and get used on a regular basis. One wedding I went too they wanted a fancy wall clock, which they hung in their kitchen, and look at every day. You would want your gift to remind the couple of a memorable day, not something they put at the back of a draw.”

Clocks are a practical wedding gift that can be used everyday

I wouldn’t buy household items as a gift since majority already live together and have homes set up.”

Cake cutting knife set (we were given one and it’s relegated to the back of the cupboard).”

We love that some of the above advice is contradictory – what one person likes, another dislikes, etc. This goes to show that the best gifts truly are the ones that really consider the couple’s personality and current situation…as well as cash! 

Handmade Wedding Gift of the week: Photograph of the couple’s name

If you’ve ever written your name in the sand before, then you know how easy the first step of creating one on these beautiful pictures is. The trickiest part probably lies in picking the right time/light and angle to photograph it. But, if you can accomplish these steps, then the end result, as you can see, is quite spectacular…
Whilst we don’t recommend going out and carving your or anyone else’s name on the nearest tree or fence, there are professionals like Picture it Personal who can do this for you digitally without harming a single tree (we promise!). 
Why we love it:
  • This is one of the most unique and personalised gift ideas we’ve seen – ever! 
  • You can have a go at making one of these yourself by writing the couple’s name in the sand
  • If you can make one yourself by writing in the sand, the cost is relatively low and the result even more unique. The main cost lies in printing and framing the image. 
  • You can customise the image and make it any size and use any type of frame to suit the couple. 
  • This would also be a great gift idea for a wedding anniversary, milestone birthday or even a newborn gift
Which scene would you pick for your photograph? 
We’d love your thoughts – please comment below…

Handmade Wedding Gift of the week: Bride and Groom clothes peg

Who would have thought an unassuming wooden clothes peg could be turned into such a cute little wedding gift

Why we love it:
1. Ok, so while you probably wouldn’t give this peg as a gift on its own, it would made a gorgeous decoration on a card or as part of your present gift-wrapping. 
2. Some people have even used this decoration as a topper on their wedding cake. We think these would also look cute on cupcakes too. 
3. They’re easy and inexpensive to make – wooden clothes pegs are easy and cheap to source, and paint colours required are limited. We would recommend getting a good fine paint brush for a neat paint job. 
4. Glue a magnet on the back so the bride and groom can keep this little gift on their fridge, or attach a little stand to the bottom of the peg and you can “clip” and display photos with the peg
5. You could also use these on wedding invitations, or attach them to the top of wedding party favour/gift bags
Where would you use this cute little bride and groom? 
We’d love your thoughts – please comment below…

Handmade Wedding Gift of the week: A Year of Firsts Gift Basket

The first year of being married is an exciting one. It is fun to enjoy special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, holidays and New Year’s Eve together as a married couple. We thought this gift basket was a great way of celebrating these “firsts” together, with things such as a special bottle of wine for your first dinner party as a married couple… 
Image from Pinterest

Why we love it:
1. You can completely personalise this based on what the couple are into. For example, if they like to party and entertain, then things like a bottle of wine or some nibbles would probably go down well. 
2. A great deal of thought and care has been put into the labels of each item. An explanation for each item has been typed and printed on paper and then mounted on cards that have been cut out with pinking sheers (so they have a zig-zag edge). You could also hand-write a message on gift tags and attach them to the items. 
3. We love the neutral colours of this basket, as they make the products in the basket stand out, but you could opt for any colours you like. 
4. You could use a box or plastic crate instead of a basket – anything that could be used again when empty would be handy. 
5. You could apply this gift idea to a baby gift basket and include lots of interesting gift ideas that could be used for a newborn in their first year. 

What would you include or love to receive in a basket like this? We’d love your thoughts – please comment below…