Cake of the week: House-warming cake

A few weeks ago we moved house. If I’m honest, it was a pretty stressful event with two young children added to the mix! And I’m still unpacking boxes…

However, the whole ordeal was made more bearable when a gorgeous friend presented this beautiful homemade rainbow layer cake (inspired by this post) as a housewarming gift. 

It was absolutely delicious, and sustained me for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the first couple of days;-)

Why I love it:

  • I’m a huge fan of the tonal rainbow look – it’s a beautiful surprise when you cut the cake open. 
  • I adore the handwritten message. 
  • It was made with love and cheered me up after a stressful moving experience. 
  • It was delicious (and it fed me for two days!) 

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Cake of the week: Poop Emoji Cupcakes

It’s official that Emojis have taken over our lives when the poop Emoji makes an appearance as a cupcake…

Why we love them:

  • You have to admit, they’re super-cute – once you get over what they are…
  • These would be a humorous cake for a teen-birthday. 
  • They’re pretty easy to make – chocolate cupcake, chocolate icing applied with a piping bag and edible eyes. 
  • These would be fun as part of an “Emoji-themed” party. 
  • Great for guys or gals

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What do you think – hit or miss??? We’d love your thoughts – please comment below…

Cake of the week: Beauty and the Beast Cake

Sometimes you come across a cake that is so incredible you just can’t work out how it has been made. This Beauty and the Beast Cake is one of these cakes! 

I challenged my friend to make this cake for her daughter’s 2nd birthday last weekend…yes, I’m a mean friend!;-) This cake defies gravity!

Anyone ever attempted anything like this?
We’d love your thoughts, please comment below…

Cake of the week: Cactus cupcakes

These are almost to adorable to eat! What a sweet idea, and some very clever cake-making skills…

Image from

Why we love them:
  • Succulents and cactus are actually really on-trend at the moment as pot plants, so why not cupcakes?!
  • They look adorable served on this vintage-style platter. 
  • We love the fact that each one is different, and that some have flowers and others don’t. 
  • These would be great for either a guy or gal. 

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Cake of the week: Steak cake

Ok, so this one is a little too real for my liking, but I do know some men who’d go for steak over cake any day…

Why we love it:
  • I can’t even begin to imagine how this cake has been created – the colour and texture are so incredibly real!
  • We love the addition of the broccoli and cutlery. 
  • This cake would go down a treat with a meat-loving man. 

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