Melt her heart with a beautiful Mother’s Day card

A beautiful card carefully chosen for mum is the perfect addition to any gift. We also offer FREE DELIVERY on all cards.

In a rush? No worries – we can handwrite your message for you and send the card directly to your recipient. Just add your message to the order comments or send it to us in a message. All cards are also blank inside for your own special message.

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Make mum giggle with this fun keepsake for the kids to fill in this Mother’s Day.
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GIFT FOR GARDENING MUMS: Thistle and Thorn 5-in-1 Gardener’s Multitool $39.95

You can never have enough garden tools, especially when one tool punches above its weight and does the work of many, like the Thistle and Thorn 5-in-1 Gardener’s Multitool. This handy garden gadget is crafted from stainless Steel and beech wood. It also comes in in a gift box and presents beautifully as a gift.

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MOTHER’S DAY GIFT IDEA: Bell Art Boronia Berry Bloq $12.95

If you love the smell of ripe berries and flowers, you’ll love the Boronia Berry Bloq. Whilst this scent is floral and slightly more feminine, it is by no means overpowering. The aroma is still fresh and delicate, and is made of all-Australian ingredients. Tuck it anywhere in your house – wardrobes, cupboards, draws, or even under your bin liner – to freshen your surroundings.

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The best Mother’s Day cards

I was still pregnant when I experienced what I would call my ‘first’ Mother’s Day. Even though I wasn’t technically a mum, my role of mum had started many months before.

Mother’s Day had always being about my mum, stepmum, and mum-in-law, so it felt weird to think of myself as a mum. But for the first time in my life, I received a glimpse of what Mother’s Day as a mum is like. Little did I know that every year would be different as your children grow and reach new developmental milestones.

For the first few years, my wonderful husband would write a card on behalf of my children. However, that all changed once they could hold a pen. So far I have collected eight beautiful Mother’s Day cards, each very different from the previous year – from scribbled pictures to heartening messages of love.

Even if you don’t usually buy a gift for Mother’s Day, don’t overlook a card. Take it from me – mums treasure every single one. Here are some of our favourites.

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The best thing my mum taught me: Camille Hugh,

“The best thing my mum taught me is that patience is a virtue. With all of my business and personal ventures, this advice has proven timeless and sound. It pays to be patient and do things the right way versus rushing and getting worked up over things I cannot control.” – Camille Hugh

Camille Hugh is the owner of In Stitches Games, a company dedicated to helping people laugh out loud, release their inner child, and learn about each other in a fun and unique way. She has recently launched a kickstarter for Cards That Make You lol – the game of hit or miss party tricks.

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