💍The Best Anniversary Gifts 🎁

The Best Anniversary Gifts

Anniversaries. How do you choose a gift that expresses your love and gratitude for your other half? It’s a mighty task that most people find too overwhelming, so they just opt for a safe card instead. But choosing the perfect anniversary gift doesn’t have to be daunting, or expensive. We’ve put together a list of our fav anniversary gifts for many of the milestone anniversaries. There’s also plenty more on our website, so you’ll be sorted for your next anniversary!

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Suck UK Cooking Guide Apron $48.95
1st Anniversary: Cotton
Suck UK Cooking Guide Apron $48.95
If you don’t know already, you’ll work out pretty quickly in the first year of marriage if your partner can cook…or not. If not, this handy apron will give your life partner some tips on how not to burn food. 
30 Day Challenge Activity Box
2nd Anniversary: Paper
30 Day Challenge Activity Box $29.95
Inspire your lover (or yourself) to feel happier, get fitter, cook and love better, take better pics, or just slow down with one of these 30 Day Challenge Boxes. 
The Game 'The Keeper' Leather Wallet
3rd Anniversary: Leather
The Game ‘The Keeper’ Leather Wallet $149.95
This one’s for the cricket-loving lover. 
Sow-n-sow Seeds
4th Wedding Anniversary: Fruit and Flowers
Sow-n-sow Seeds $9.95 or 2 for $15
Wedding anniversary gifts don’t need to be expensive, and can still have a thoughtful message. These seeds are also the gift that keeps on giving when the plants grow and start to flower. 
Thoughtful Gardener Hand Trowel and Fork
5th Anniversary: Wood
Thoughtful Gardener Hand Trowel and Fork $49.95
No gardener can live without their trusty hand trowel and fork. This set comes beautifully packaged and presents well as a gift. 
Suck UK Hippo Bottle Opener
6th Anniversary: Iron
Suck UK Hippo Bottle Opener $54.95
If you’ve ever seen a hippo eat a watermelon (seriously, google it!) then you’ll know that a hippo would be perfectly capable of opening a beer bottle. But they might swallow the whole bottle! This hippo is a little smaller than a real-life one, and is the perfect party guest. He’ll happily remove the cap from your bottle without so much of a sip of your drink – gotta love that!
Copper Luggage Tag
7th Anniversary: Copper
Luggage Tag in Copper $59.95
Even when travel keeps you apart, you’ll stay in your life partner’s heart every time they look at this unique handmade luggage tag. 
Bronze Fishing Lure
8th Anniversary: Bronze
Fishing Lure “HOOKED ON YOU” Bronze $54.95
The ultimate unique gift for a fisherman (or woman), complete with a loving message. 
9th Anniversary: Pottery
Rosanna Voyage Champagne Reims Porcelain Tray $29.95
Every anniversary celebration deserves a little champagne.  
A Well Balanced Diet tin wall plaque
10th Anniversary: Tin
A Well Balanced Diet tin wall plaque $19.95
A great gift for those who enjoy the occasional glass of vino!
Leff Amsterdam One 35 Wall Clock
11th Anniversary: Steel
Leff Amsterdam One 35 Wall Clock $174.95
Clocks are one of our favourite gifts for any occasion, but they work particularly well as a special anniversary gift. 
Cantina Master Decanter
15th Anniversary: Crystal
Cantina Master Decanter $70
Celebrate this special anniversary with a nice bottle of red, decanted in this gorgeous crystal decanter.  
25th Anniversary: Silver
Cantina Silver Super Oxy Funnel $45
A handy little wine gadget designed to aerate and filter your wine quickly. Funnel also works nicely with the Cantina Master Decanter (above) for express decanting if you’re impatient and just want to drink your wine now!
YMMN Wallet in ruby red
40th Anniversary: Ruby
YMMN Wallet in ruby red $150
Ok, so this isn’t a real ruby. But as far as colour goes, this wallet is as ruby as you can get. It’s also pretty stunning. 
45th Anniversary: Sapphire
Kinuya AWA AI Japan Blue Leather Card Wallet $150
When it comes to blue sapphire colour, you can’t go past these gorgeous Kinuya AWA AI wallets. This beautiful wallet is suitable for men and women, and is great for people with lots of cards. 
Fisher Bullet Space Pen in gold Titanium Nitride
50th Anniversary: Golden
Fisher Bullet Space Pen in gold Titanium Nitride $69.95
This Gold Titanium Nitride pen is guaranteed to impress. The elegant styling of this pen is timeless, and a piece to be treasured forever. This could also be easily personalised with engraved initials for an added ‘wow’ factor.  
80th Anniversary: Oak
e+m Maximo Wooden Pen in oak $45
Wow! You made it to your 80th wedding anniversary – congratulations!!! There are probably few things you need at this age, apart from good company, a comfy chair and something entertaining to watch on the telly. Oak seems a very random choice for this anniversary, but short of planting an oak tree, this beautiful pen from German brand, e+m is a sight to behold. They are also thicker pens, and easier for older hands (that might be troubled by arthritis) to grasp…just saying. 

Handmade gift of the week: Love Map anniversary or wedding gift

Wedding or anniversary gifts can be tough to come up with, which is why we fell in love with this unique gift idea as soon as we saw it…

Why we love it:

  • This is a really touching gift that we reckon would bring a tear of joy to most eyes – it shows how much you treasure the little details, such as where you met. 
  • It’s easy and inexpensive to make – there’s even a tutorial you can follow here. 
  • You can completely customise your frame to suit your partner or house. This frame has a rustic, shabby-chic look to it, but a chunky modern frame in black or white would look good with black and white maps. 
  • Use a scanner or a photocopier to resize your maps to fit your frame. 
  • The first wedding anniversary is paper (according to the US list), so this would be a great paper wedding anniversary gift idea. 

Can’t remember what the themes are for each wedding anniversary? Remind yourself with this handy wedding anniversary list

What maps would you have on your Love Map? 
We’d love your thoughts – please comment below…