Gifts to Delight Dad this Father’s Day

Gifts to Delight Dad
We have gifts for every dad this Father’s Day,
Sunday 1st September

Every dad is different. Some dads love getting outdoors in the garden or playing sport, others prefer relaxing with a beer or a book (or both!). Mr Gift has gifts to suit every dad – here’s a taster of some of our favourites below…

We’re also offering a $20 DISCOUNT on all orders from now until midnight,
Sunday 1/9/19.  
Use Discount Code DAD in the Discount Code field when you place your order. 

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Here are a few of our favourite gift ideas for dads

100 Movies Poster
eg. 100 Movies You Must Watch Before You Die poster $58.95
Life’s too short to be watching bad movies. Focus your valuable movie-watching time by ticking off the best ones first. This handy poster features 100 must-see movies presented as an advent-style poster.
Simply peel off the titles you’ve seen and a colourful illustration inspired by the film is revealed.
This is the perfect gift for film enthusiasts. 
Eva Solo Coffee Capsule Dispenser
eg. Eva Solo Coffee Capsule Dispenser $86.95
Where to store the coffee capsules? The struggle is real. #FirstWorldProblems
If you don’t want them lying around on the bench all their life, Eva Solo have a solution. This cylinder-shaped coffee capsule dispenser provides a way to decoratively store your coffee capsules, while keeping track of how many capsules you have left.
eg. Suck UK Skull Tidy Decorative Bowl $94.95 
Losing your keys messing with your head?
The Suck UK Skull Tidy Decorative Bowl will keep all of those little bits and pieces in one place. Keys, spare change, glasses, phone or watch will always be where you need them if you put this skull in a central place where they are always at your fingertips.
Eva Solo Nordic Knife Stand
eg. Eva Solo Nordic Kitchen Knife Stand $149.95
If your kitchen is anything like mine, you’ll have a few random knives hanging around in the top draw. This is where Eva Solo’s Nordic Knife Stand comes into play. It’s so stylish you’ll love showing it off on your bench top, and your knives will always be at your fingertips.
Refinery Mens Manicure Set
eg. Refinery Men’s Manicure Set $24.95
Clean and tidy hands, maketh the man.
Every man needs a quality manicure kit to keep there cuticle care in order, especially dads.
This 6 piece set comes in a stylish carry case and includes:
– Cuticle pusher
– Nail scissors
– Nail file
– Small nail clippers
– Larger nail clippers
– Tweezers
Bike Tool Kit
eg. Bike Tool Set $19.95
Dad will be the most prepared cyclist on the road or track with this handy repair kit.
This portable set contains:
– Two screwdrivers
– Seven Allen keys
– Five wrenches
– Nylon pouch for transportation and storage
The Game Leather Cricket Wallet
eg. The Game Leather Cricket Wallet $129
So there are wallets, and then there are really cool wallets. The Game wallet definitely falls into the later category. This wallet is an essential gift and accessory for any cricket fan.
Sagaform Whisky Carafe Gift Set
eg. Sagaform Whisky Carafe Gift Set $59.95
This stunning whisky decanter is a timeless gift for any whisky enthusiast. The contemporary design is completed with a striking cut-glass stopper. One of the features we love the most about this decanter is its unique packaging that doubles as gift wrapping. Simply slip off the outer sleeve to reveal a stylish polka dot box. Inside the main box is a black ribbon, as well as a gift tag which can be attached to the box to complete your gift wrapping. Genius!
Sagaform BBQ Multitool
eg. Sagaform BBQ 5-in-1 Multitool $58.95
No BBQ enthusiast should be without the 5 in 1 Multitool. It has all the essential functions, including:
1. Spatula
2. Grilling fork
3. Marinade brush
4. Knife
5. Bottle opener (possibly the most important!)
It is as simple to use as it is to keep clean – perfect for spring BBQs!
Suck UK Dinosaur Bottle Opener
eg. Suck UK Dinosaur Bottle Opener $74.95
He’s got a killer thirst, and nothing is gonna stop him from cracking open a nice cold beer! This roarsome bottle opener will tear the Tricera-tops off dad’s drinks.

The best advice my dad gave me: Dr. Marcia Rodes, EdD, founder and head of school at The Polytech

“I grew up in a small farming community. My dad was not “long on words”, but when he spoke his words were meaningful. He lived by and modeled his words. I live by and model his words:
– “An honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.”
– “Bring me solutions not excuses.”
– “Be honest, always tell the truth.” 
– “Don’t be afraid to say you are sorry.” 
– “All the days of your life show respect, be respectful.” 
– “Our town is not just a town, we are a community. We are responsible for one another and to one another. Never forget this.” – Dr. Marcia Rodes

Marcia Rodes, EdD, is founder and head of school at The Polytech, a private school that allows high school students to access college courses in career pathways as a part of their graduation. She is a certified school principal, counselor, and teacher, and has held multiple leadership positions of public and private schools and organizations serving children and adolescents.

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The best advice my dad gave me: Kaylyn Jeffrey, HR & Web Content Manager

“The best advice my dad gave me was ‘boys are like buses. When one leaves, there’s another right around the corner.’ – Mr. Jeffrey 

This quote by my good old Dad has helped me never settle, keep moving forward and trust it will work out for the best. I’m now engaged to my best friend… My favourite bus!” – Kaylyn Jeffrey

Kaylyn is the HR & Web Content Manager for a tech start-up. She writes articles for a living and runs a content and design biz with her partner. Catch up with Kaylyn on Instagram: kaylynjeffrey 

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The best advice my dad gave me: Michael Attard BSc. (Animal Science) Hons

“The best thing my dad taught me was that any career working with animals takes huge amounts of work, patience and sacrifice, but the payoff is that I would get to do what I love everyday of my life.” – Michael Attard 

Michael Attard BSc. (Animal Science) Hons. is a professional dog breeder in Victoria, Australia and am involved in managing the dog breeding program for Chevromist Kennels and Hepburn Park. 

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The best advice my dad gave me: Reza Khastou, M.Ed., founder and COO of The Polytech

“The best thing my dad taught me was, ‘Nothing good comes easy, if it does beware’.”Reza Khastou. 

Reza Khastou, M.Ed., is the founder and COO of The Polytech, a private high school that offers students the opportunity to earn industry certificates and college credits at the same time they satisfy high school graduation requirements. Throughout his 30 year career, Reza has served as a school administrator, college director, teacher, advisor, business owner, and private consultant.

Reza Khastou, M.Ed., founder and COO of The Polytech

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The best advice my dad gave me: Paige Arnof-Fenn, founder and CEO of Mavens & Moguls

“I started a global branding and marketing firm 17 years ago in Cambridge, MA. I learned so many great lessons from my dad, we were really close. The best thing my dad taught me was to treat everyone with dignity and respect. My dad was down to earth even though he was the president of his company he took the time to learn everyone’s names and about them as people, he greeted them personally from the people in the garage to the cleaning staff to his direct reports and staff. I think that set the tone and it was a very friendly and open culture where everyone felt included and part of the team. I now run my own business and have never forgotten that lesson.

My dad died 2+ years ago sadly and I use the many lessons he taught me every day.” – Paige Arnof-Fenn. 

Paige Arnof-Fenn is the founder & CEO of global marketing and branding firm Mavens & Moguls ( based in Cambridge, MA. Their clients include Microsoft, Virgin, venture-backed startups, as well as non profit organizations. Paige graduated from Stanford University and Harvard Business School. Paige is also a popular speaker and columnist who has written for Entrepreneur and Forbes. 

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The best advice my dad gave me: Corey Batt, Managing Director and Co-founder of

“My father taught me to take risks – especially while you’re young. I’ve found that in Australia the average person is afraid to go out on a limb and start a new business, take on an investment or put themselves out there. I started my first business when I was 20 and have built several successful businesses since which have completely influenced my life.” – Corey Batt

Corey Batt is the managing director and co-founder of, an online marketing firm specialising in search engine optimisation, adwords and content creation.

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The best advice my dad gave me: Louise Edmonds, founder/CEO of MenStylePower

“The best advice Dad gave me was to ‘guard my brake’ – Yep, while driving, he always said this and I must admit it has saved my life a couple of times.” Louise Edmonds

“Style is not just the clothes on a man, but the man in them”. MenStylePower was created by Louise Edmonds, who has over 20 years experience in the entertainment and media world working with brands and companies in Australia, UK and USA. She created which for over nine years has been providing content for Nautica and Barneys New York during New York Fashion Weeks, FashionBeans UK, Brands Exclusive, Sydney Morning Herald’s Executive Style, and CEO Magazine and is a video content creator for Marie Clare, InStyle Magazine and Swarovski.

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The best advice my dad gave me: Monika Gisler, Co-founder of ThinkChangeGrow

“The best thing my dad taught me was to ‘approach, address and treat every person equally. No matter the profession, social background, religion or their status in society.’
It hugely impacted who I am and what I stand for and it definitely shaped what I am doing professionally today.” – Monika Gisler

Monika Gisler is the Co-founder of ThinkChangeGrow, a people & culture consultancy specialising in expert leadership and capability facilitation for organisations who see developing their people and creating a positive workplace culture as the means by which they will thrive long term.
Monika draws on over 10 years international experience in Google sales management, learning & development and strategic organisational development programs. 

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